May 31, 2007

I love the 1st of the month!!

Tonight is the night to get your SoML kits! Lots of Love, Elsie in it! I am stoked to get this baby! I can't wait! THe link own't work until Midnight to the store so you can also check here to see wha tthe kit looks like: Story Of My Life main page.

Also, the June Poppy Ink will be on it's way. I'm really thinking aout an add-on but we'll see
how much I end up spending. I know I'm getting the main kit- so that makes me totally happy!

Did you get to shop at the Poppy Ink Little Pretty Stamp Shop? I ordered a bunch of new stamps. The cuckoo clock was sold out but I think I'll live. But hey, if ayone got one and decides that they don't want or need it- email me or leave me a comment. I'll buy it from you! There are still a few left for sale so you can click the link above and go shopping!
I ended up getting my hands on the stemstalk, the robot, nesting, the damask, the bird cages, and the sock monkey!!

What else...OH! I know what else! The SIS TV Kelly Crow Collection. I am expecting that here pretty soon too. Yup, I'm stockin' up for the summer. Lot's of scrappy days ahead and I can't wait! It's so hard to wait for the goodies to come in the mail but around here it's the only way to get the good stuff! ANyhow, this Collection is HAWT stuffs! Seriously!

Tomorrow I'm riding out to some outlets in Mass with my friend for some shopping! I want to hit up the Rue 21 outlet and the GAP outlet. We are on the hunt for some quality sandals which seem to be hard to come by.
We have a wedding to attend ont he 12th so we really need to get things together for that. My son needs a nice shirt and so does Dh. We all nee dnew dress shoes. Gosh, can you tell we don't go out much? I *might* buy a new dress depending on if I can find a good deal or not.

So this weekend should be pretty laid back. I want to really enjoy it cause the next couple weeks after that will be pretty hectic.
It's hot here so I'm about to go dig out some fans for the bedrooms to cool the house off real quick. I am so not ready for the AC yet. I think fans should do the job for now. Digging them out is the hard part-
Happy shopping for all you kit junkies like me! I think I need one more and I know that would be the JB kits. Dh needs a raise! Er, maybe in the fall when I start working again! I need me some of that goodness, for reals!

May 25, 2007

It's a HOT one, baby!

The kids were out almost all day with the hose.It was like 90 degrees this afteroon! They had a blast!
I went to the greenhouse and picked up some begonia's and Blue moon plants for our planters on the front porch. It is looking lovely with all of my new plants from Mother's Day and my birthday. Now all I need to do is give the porch a fresh coat of paint and it will be my little paradise in the city! It has become my favorite spot to take pictures!

I am a lucky girl because I get to look at this every day.

You can tell that my daughter is getting closer to her pre-teenage years. It seems I can't get her to crack a smile for nuttin'!

A hot "summer" day isnt' a hot "summer" day unles you have some ice cream going on!

This weekend is jammed. Part of me wishes it wasn't but the other part of me is realizing that this is just part of how summer goes. I suppose I forgot after the long winter. Tonight is Women's Bible study. These are the best - the lesson is always ust what you need to hear, the company is the best, and the food is delicious!
TOmorrow I am joining a couple of friends for a barbeque and maritini's. I am not a drinker so this ought to be interesting. I haven't let loose in a while so I figure it's well deserved good clean fun- 'cept for the martini part. Ah, it could be worse, right?

Sunday is a big day. I haven't been to a church service in a long, long time. I am going to get my lazy butt up and go- and I know it's going to be good because it always is.

Monday is the church Memorial Day picnic. We have it every year and it's always the best way to begin summer. The kids always have a blast too. So this I know is the best time to get back on track with my faith and beack into the good habit of going to church every week. I know that the kids miss it and that makes me feel so bad. I know that the only way to make it right is to go back. I'm so glad that our Lord is a firgiving Lord and that His house is always open.

I hope to take many pics of the weekend!

Today I ordered the SIS TV Kelly Crowe collection. At first I wasn't sure if I loved it enough to buy it. BUT the Jeanette linked up some of the! wonderful LO's and Kelly's interview which totally changed my mind. The inspiration totally bought me and I had to prder before they sold out! I am stoked to get this baby! Wilna is rockin the KC Collection!

ALSO, SoML kits are going up for sale onthe first. I am hoping that Sara can hook a sister up and let me preorder so I KNOW I will be getting it. I am sure there will be a race for this one. So sure that I'm not even going to spill the beans about what's in it! lol You have to go and see for yourself. But remember, I am only saying this because I want to make sure I get one before you do!

Oh, and if anyone was wondering how things turned out at Memory Creators with the kit issues, I did end up gettign a refund after being toldon May 10th that my kits were shipped. I called the store yesterday and was told that they were being shipped today. What a joke huh? So I am done and over all that business. There are better kit clubs out there anyhow.
So after all that back and forth stuff, I ended up geting what I wanted. It was such a waste of my time and energy. I wish she had just refunded me in the beginning of it all.

So to end this post on a happy note I just want to say thanks for visiting me and have a wonderful, safe, and relaxing weekend

May 20, 2007

A Mother's Love

This LO was created for Lu's challenge over at Soml- designer's challenge for May's kit.
If you haven't checked out the challenge - get to it! there is a prize involved and besides that- the challenge reflects the most wonderful part of life-

1. Your mother
2. Your life as a mother
3. Your thoughts on motherhood
4. A mother figure in your life
5. What you think you will be like as a mother.

Lots of details. This LO is one of those that you have to see the 3 dimensional details to really appreciate all the bits and pieces. I really love how this came out. Especially the journailing.
Ok, enough rambling on about my beautiful LO!
I want to talk about Scrap In Style TV. If ya didn't know, now you do. It's got the hottest MB eva!!!
Check it out. We'll see you there!

May 19, 2007

If you haven't heard by now...

The stamp shop over at Poppy Ink will be open tomorrow night- that's May 20th at 10 MST; 12 EST...
So I let you all know because Heather Burch creates the hottest stamps! Just do me a favor and save me a stem with leaves and the cuckoo clock. That's all I ask, my friends!

I have been creating almost all day. That's about what it takes for me to finish one LO. I hardly ever complete one in less than a day. I think I am getting tedious on this one but I just can't help it. I will post a pic tomorrow when the sun is out.
Tomorrow looks like it'll be another great day for scrapping. It's been rainy & cool here for the past few days so the kids haven't wanted to play outside. This one is for Lu's May Designer Challenge for Story of My Life.

Yesterday Dh bought his new/used car. He looks way to cute driving an Audi. I think I might have to take over that car and make him drive the Explorer. Trucks ARE for guys, right?

As soon as I'm done with this LO I want to start playing with my Poppy Ink May kit. It is so stinkin' cute- I love the colors and the papers are the best to make something really special for my daughter. I'm really thinking about doing a banner like the SPROUT banner but for her bedroom. Maybe it should say her name. That's what she said she wants & she seems pretty excited about that.

Tonight we rented happy feet from movies on demand and the dang thing keep skipping. Do you think they' will give us a break on it. I stopped watching it because it's getting annoying with all the skipping. Ah well. It was $4 which beats going to Blockbuster right now in the rain.

My hubbies best friend is getting married SHORT NOTICE and Dh is the best man. So that means that we have to plan a bachelors party on two weeks! Tell me that we can make this happen! Please!

Where do you find strippers on such short notice? lmao!!! And I have to have cards made to sell for admission to cover the strippers and we have to buy tons of beer and food. Oh my goodness I think we will spend a whole week of pay on this. I hope we can pull it off.
The short notice is because the bride-to-be's parents are flying in from Poland and so they decided to get married while they are here rather than making all of us fly to Poland. I have to say that either way they did it, it would have been tricky for us and probably everyone attending.

So I have to pick out a bridal shower gift for the Bride-to-be. I don't know her REAL well because she is shy about her english- even though she probably speaks better english than me. She is Catholic and 100% Polish, well-educated and seems to hold herself to pretty high standards- except her choice in men LOL!!! So, no explicit toys and I'm even iffy about lingerie. What about a new robe (White terry) and a baskiet of pretties from Bath & Body Works? The shower is on June 10th so I don't think I would have time to have her initials embroidered. But that would have been the perfect touch. Who wouldn't want a new robe and some yummy lotions?

ok, ok...I'll stop rambling now. Any idea are mucho appreciated!

May 17, 2007

Grey's - spoilers ahead!!!

Tonight was revealing.

I really never liked Chirstina and Burke's relationship. I never thought he quite loved her for HER. It seemed as if he expected her to conform to his ways.
I have this thing that I like to tell my husband when he forgets about what it means to be yourself- "Love me and love my imperfections".
If you can't love everything about a person, or at least learn to love even the things that annoy you, then is it right? Can it ever work? Could it work, really work?

Izzy needs to fall in love with a man who has no other agenda. Seriously. I feel bad for her for always getting her heart broken and it isn't her fault but she needs to be careful about who she falls for. Not that you can actually tell in any given moment who you will fall in love with. But I just felt the need to say that. I hate seeing the same person suffering heartbreak over and over again.

Calli is just getting all the good stuff. I don't mind. But I was really not expecting her to get Chief of Surgery. And I most certianly never expected her to be wanting to have a baby so soon after getting married. Ah well, whatever floats her boat. But who knows, Chief and having a baby. Talk about getting no sleep!!!

Meredith. WTF is her problem? Just when she gets the hottie McHottie McDreamy she walks away fom him right after he tells her that he needs her to stop doing that? WTF? She gives truth to the saying" You don't know what ya got til it's gone".
I can tell you right now that if I had man that kind, that hot, and that smart and successful- I would nevah walk away from that. Oh no way!

New interns? I don't know if I could love anyone else more than I love the current cast of Grey's anatomy. It sounds insane but I have grown attached, as I'm sure anyone else who has watched the show has become just as attached- so I can't be that crazy then. Can I?

Today was long. Very long. I went to the play and thanks to my daughter who did not sit next to me, I had a clingy child stuck to my arm the entire show. It was annoying and uncomfortable. The play was nice and was as entertaining as expected.

I am very tired so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I plan to scrap to my hearts content. We'll see tomorrow night if the heart was contended since I usually want to scrap but I dont' always get what I want. :)

Night all! Hopefully I will have some new pics to post tomorrow!

May 16, 2007

Yo ho ho!

Nope, it's not Captain Feathersword, but he is a big fan! lol

Here is the LO I did las tnight. I will gt back to my Plain Jane Cigar Box tonight. I just HAD to get my hands into this kit, making a LO with it. Plus I want to get in on a few challenges. One more at SoML with the kit and one at this new challenge blog

I am babysitting again for my BF's kids. THey are stuck insode today becuase it has decided to rain and I see that Mr. Weatherman says it will probably rain all week!!!

Today is a good cleaning and scrapping day- if I could only find where I put that motivation. Actually it is feeling more like a catch-up on DVR'd shows day! lol

May 15, 2007

Sneak Peeks

of my project from the SoML add-on kit...

Because I just can't wait to share!!!

Wow! That was 3 posts in 1 day. I think blogging could become a compulsive disorder!

TFL! :)

Recap of last week...

Here is the pic that was in yesterday's paper from the Art Show that we attended last Thursday- don't they look adorable with their faces painted?

I whippe dup this little butterfly chipboard mini for my Grandmother for Mother's Day. I added contact size pictures of the kids and I from over the past two months. I used my Fancypants Designs Journaling stamps and PP from an old Rob & Bob Sutdios paper pack that I have been wanting to use up- It came out cute! I especially like the huge amount of ribbon I used. Grama just loved it too!

This is what grama gave to me for my birthday! I LOVE them both and they are perfect for my birdcage. I just need to glue gunthem onto the perch in the cage.

Oh Snap!

It's been a few days since I have updated. Sorry, life happened!
Yesterday was one great day! I was so surprised when the mailman delivered my Poppy Ink kit. I didn't think I would receive a kit until June. But it's here and I think I know just what I want to make with it! The monograms are SO PRETTY!

My friend Morgan AKA Miss Moxie is doing this really fun scraplift where a bunch of us posted a link to a LO of ours and she is going to scraplift them. After she is done lifting them she will put all of our names into a hat or something and pick a winner for THIS RAK!!! Isn't it the raddest! I really hope she picks me cause I'm such a supply snob! But if not at least I can drewl all over the LO's of whoever does win the goodies!

I am working on my add-on kit from SoML right now. The Plain JAne Cigar Box is coming out so cute. It's going to be my memory box which will more than likely contain small things and bits of things I find throughout the summer. I hope the kids will find some things to add also. The more memories, the better!
I am so in love with everything from this kit. The Imagination Project product is seriously awesome. I can't even tell you how many ideas have been whipping through my mind that I could do with those pretty coasters. Love them!!

Yesterday I had my daughter home with me from school. Her allergies have never been so bad. I ended up taking her to the doc so we could get something to try to help her get through our early pollen season. It's super high right now.

Today and tomorrow I have to babysit my BFF's kids for a few hours. These kids are so good I wish I could have them every day! I just love the baby and could sit and squeeze him all day long!

Thursday I am chaperoning a trip to the Palace Theater for my daughter's class. We are going to see the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe play. I hope it isn't cheesy because I really loved reading the Chronicles of Narnia and I loved the movie. So this play has a lot to live up to. I am praying that all ofthe kids behave themselves. Ya know, 8 and 9 year olds can be pretty silly at times and also have the capabilities to ask a million questions and make really annoying sounds. I hope for the best! At least I get to ride with a few cool Mamas that I haven't hung out with in a while.

If you haven't been over to peek at the Hambly Blog you must get over there to check out Amber Ulmers gallery. THis chica totally blows my mind. The way she combimes the products is mind-blowing! Everything looks like a real work of art. I love all of the little bits and pieces that she adds to each LO, just the right touch, every time!
Amber, everything is amazing!

I think that is all for now. I haven't taken any good pics the past few days except of my Mother's Day goodies, but I'll spare you all the details. It was a good one- nuf said! ;)
Have a great day everyone!

May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This weekend is great! Wow! Yesterday was my birthday and today is Mother's Day so I have the advantage of being spoiled for 2 days in a row! When I woke up yesterday I noticed two beautiful bouquets of flowers. They are so pretty. I love having fresh flowers in the house. It makes me feel so alive. DH did good this year!

If you haven't heard, SoML is having a Mother's Day Sale on all kits- the April kit which is full of BamPop papers, and the May kit which has 7Gypsies Hudson Valley papers and Cosmo Cricket papers AND the add-on for May which has Imagination Project Yesterdays papers and coasters. Everything is so delicious.

I am actually planning on creating today with the May kit and add-on.
Last night I went to my fav resurant with my friend for my birthday diner. She hooked it up- had a babysitter and everything set to go out. I love that becuase I always get stuck with seraching for a babysitter. For those of you who are moms, you know how hard tha can be. And how disappointing it can be when you can't find someone to watch the kiddos for ya. We stopped at Walmart after and I found 2 shirts- one is a flowey spaghetti strap top with the cutest little flowers and I found a tank top with what other than CHICKIES!!! Had to have that. A girl can't ever have too many birdies, right! I need to go back on Thursday to get a pair of madras shorts and a little white cropped zip up sweater. Walmart is stepping it up for us! Finally!

Later today, mayb after noon when it's warmer I will take the kids down to the field again. I picked up a new bat and another t ball to pratice with my son. DH is working nights and sleeping most of the morning so I get to do the fun sports stuff with the kids. I am hoping we can practice enough that Jaden can hit the ball without the "T". More than likey it will take a lot of practice! Some of the time I'm not sure if he's playing baseball or ballerina because when he swings he twirls around! lol
We went to his game yesterday which was a hoot. They actually played the game instead of kicking sand around. Jaden ran the bases in the right direction both times he got up- and didn't get out. So he scored two points for his team. At the end of every inning they even the score out so no one actually looses. I am not sure if I think that's a good thing or a not-so-good thing. I do want him to learn that losing is okay and next time try harder. But then I dont' want him to cry if they lose and then deal with him possibly not be interested in playing the game. But I have to remember they are 4 and 5 year olds and it's about making friends and having fun too - not winning or losing. Maybe they should just not bother keeping a score at all. ;)
For being a great team player I gifted him a pack of Big League Chew
- remember those!

Happy Mother's Day!

May 10, 2007

Art Show

Tonight I was honored to be surrounded by so much talent and enthusiasm.
I took the kids with a friend of mine to view some artwork created by the high school students. There was one girl in particular whos work stood out to me each time I came across one of her pieces. It was funny because every piece that I immediately loved, it was hers. She had the skeleton with flowers, the cupcake, the cards, plus a few others that I did not get to photograph. I did get chance to meet her mother and a guest which was a pleasure. I know it made her mom proud to hear so many people commenting on her daughters talent. That had to be so cool for her.

So here is the link to the slideshow. I hope this baby works!

High School Art Show

The kids had their face painted too! The girl who is painting their faces is my friends sitter. Her name is Luz and her work was showcased also.


Little boys are irresistable

to photograph!

Seriously, I need to get more good photos of my daughter though.
Today I am babysitting for my very good friend from High School. Her little boy is here with me now and this afternoon I'll have her daughter and my little guy too! This baby is such a good boy. He is playing with a few of Jaden's toys and I don't know if he actually cries because I haven't heard more than a whimper!
I see the challenge in getting good photographs of one year olds now! They don't stay still at all - so I think every photo has a bit of blur. Oh well, I'm an amateur and I don't think anyone expects professional looking pics from me- but I like to practice and I like to share so I gave it a go anyhow!

These are some photos I took of Jaden after he was riding his bike yesterday afternoon. They would have been awesome if he would have taken his helmet off but when I asked him to take it off, I found out I had no chance of that happening!
Here are a few of the many moods of Jaden!

Thanks for looking! :D And have a great day!

May 9, 2007


Yesterday I took my son outside to play after school. He rode his bike for a bit until he flew over the handlbars and thank God he only scraped his elbow a bit. He was such a tough guy. After we cleaned it up and put a Mater (from cars) bandage on it we decided that we would chill out and blow bubbles- well, he would blow bubbles and I would take some pictures. lol

I think that this afternoon illbe great for getting into my SoML kit and addon. I haven't even begun to create anything yet. I am strapped for time lately and it's killing me. I keep thinkign aboutwhat I want to make and the challenges I want to participate in- and of course my Circle Journal that I have yet to start.

Saturday is my 28th birthday too! My mom is coming over to visit. I am supposed to go out to eat with a friend for dinner AND my mom is going to babysit the kids so I can go out with some girlfriends. I can't hardly remember the last time I went out with a few friends, it's been that long!
Jaden has his first T Ball game on Saturday afternoon too! I am so excited but really, it's going to be pretty laid back because only like two kids on the team have a clue!
Yesterday at their practice it was so funny because while one kid was batting, the rest were playing in the sand with their mits at the pitchers' mound! Participation, huh? lol
Sunday is Mother's Day and I have already made up my mind that if I dont' get to finish up any projects, I will be doing just that on Sunday. Maybe it will rain so I can sit at the table and scrap all day without the kids bugging me to sit outside withthem so they can ride bikes! That sounds so mean but it does get old sitting out there when I have so much I can do inside! But that's what having kids is about- putting oyurself aside much of the time to make them happy! So yeah, I am hoping for a bit of rain so that I can play!

Swiming is going great too. On Thursday Jaden is going to try swiming without the floaties. Last summer he was swimming on his own and was doing well. But with the winter and no practice for a while he degressed a bit. I am excited abotu this because it would be great to se ehim making progress again. Hopefully it's a matter of him just taking advantage of the floating device and will remember how to use his arms and legs to swim on his own. We shallsee!
Monet nowlearnign different strokes and is fully swimming on her own.
After about 5 seeions each we are finally seeing a huge difference in their progress with the swimming lessons. Hopefuuly they will be swimming on their own by summer that we can join the country club pool!

Have a great day everyone! The sun is shining bright here!

May 8, 2007

My Number 1 Boy

This LO is the one I was working on yesterday. I feel like maybe I should have added some more patterned paper but it's all glued down already so there's no turning back.

May 7, 2007

Angel Wings & Diamond Rings

I scrapped that photo from an earlier post. Monet was thrilled htat i pulled out a photo of her. She looks so cuteinthis picture, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to print it out!

I was lovin' using the Tinkering Ink. I haven't pulled that yummy-ness out in a while! I also used a few pieces from Hambly and some old K&Co rubons I have had forever. The bling came from a candy machine- yup! LMAO! 50 cents a container- and the CS is Bazzilll Bling and Scalloped Bazzill. Flowers are all from Walmarts 97 cent packs!
TFL! :)

May 6, 2007

Super Weekend!

We totally laid back this weekend. The weather was porch lounging perfect and the sidewalk is colorful fromt he kids and their sidewalk chalk art. I love that. Seriously, I love my sidewalks colored with chalk. Bright flowers, castles, hop scotch boards, and Jaden's latest favorite, robots. Who doesn't love a good robot drawing?

I worked on a LO today and promise to post up a pic tomorrow once daylight hits.

Tomorrow will NOT be a fun day. I have to visit the dentist. I really dislike going to the dentist. And that is my new vice that I am working on. It's tough to be in love with scrapbooking and not have great teeth. It's sad to be human and not have great teeth. I love to laugh and smile and I love to have my picture taken but I am always afraid of wha tpeople will think or of what I will think or if my teeth look real bad.

When I was 11 years old my dad gave me a ten speed bike for my birthday- my very first 10 speed. I was riding a few days after with some friends when a boy hit my bike with his bike and I fell face first onto the street resulting in my three front teeth being smashed out. I have crowns but if you didn't realize this, crowns don't always last forever. Eventually they discolor, your mouth grows, or you could get an infection in the roots. Any of these things means going back to have them yanked off and to be fitted for new crowns.
Let me tell ya- not my cup of tea. Not the yanking, not the shots, not the fittings, not the root canals. None of it. But because I want to look beautiful and have a healthy grill, I am going to do this. This is my year to take care of all the things having to do with my teeth this year. This teeth issue has given me a real complex but I know that it can be fixed and that makes me feel better. I want that freedom back. That freedom to laughand smile without worrying if I don't look beautiful. Especialy now that I am currently taking the meds to help me quit smoking I want to claim my confidence and my health.

Now that I have pured my heart and soul out to you about my fear of dentists I am off to bed to dream of my SoML kit. I have a feeling it will be here around Tuesday. Sara ships super quick cause she is da bomb!

PS: Tomorrows appointment isn't even that big of a deal but I am worried sick. We are going to make a "plan" so I can figure this into our budget. Hopefully she will decide to fill the tooth that I lost a filling in the other day while chewing a piece of gum. ACK!

BTW...Happy NSD!!! I did a little bit of scrappign but no crops or anything like that. I couldn't tear myslef away from my wicker loveseat long enough to participate. Maybe next year if it's raining.

May 3, 2007

I'm a Busy Bee

This week is a bit on the crazy side.
Dh suprised me by coming home early. I see this car in the driveway and I'm wondering "who the heck?" then I see his big smile and realized it was him. He was driving a rental car for work. I didn't want to let him in because the table was a huge scrappy mess.
We had swimming on Thursday so that took up half of the evening. Getting Dh settled and the kids with their homework, dinner, bedtime routine, and all the little extras in between clearly had me exhausted. I went to be early at 9:30. I think I missed Grey's!!! Good thing I DVR it every week, just in case.

Yesterday was beautiful. The kids played outside for a while and I had a doctors appt.
My Doc hooked me up with a script for a new quit smoking pill that I am going to fill today!!! Just to let yu kow, I might be a bit whiney and need some love and support. I am going to do this!! Plus she said it helps take away the urge.
That same morning I felt like a total ass sitting on my porch, puffin' away as this 60-ish year old guy comes walking past as he always does for his morning walk. So I thought to myself, "I want to be in his shoes" I want to be able to take a nice walk in the morning like that and I want to feel and look great. So enough of looking like an ass with a cigarette in my hand- I am going to replace that habit with something that is good for my body. Maybe a morning walk around the block.

Another busy day. We ordered fish fry for dinner because with all of the things we did that day I did not feel like cooking or unloading and loading the dishwasher. I swore that once I owned a dishwasher I would never leave dirty dishes in the sink but reality has proven that it's no easier to have a dishwasher than it was when I was the dishwasher. Unloading clean dishes seems to take me 2 days. Anyhow, the fish was great- like butta!

I went out to my friend Jen's house to scrap for a few hours after my appointment. If you haven't seen the love that Zsiage shows to ther Dt members I have got to tell you! They sent Jen so much stuff, not just from them but from their sister companies too. She said that they send about 50 packages over a months time plus surprises to follow! Did you know that they have a huge selection of white chipboard and scrapbook film alphastructures in different sizes and fonts? WOW! I couldn't believe my envious eyes!
Here is what I worked on at Jen's house. I was super *PRODUCTIVE* which is something that almost never happens when I scrap anywhere other than my own house!

The PP is Scenic Route and so are the arrows. I used a birdie cut from the BamPop PP from my SoML Kit. Jen hooked me up with the butterfly and the idea for the thought bubble which I drew freehand with this awesome pen that puffs up when it dries.

PS: Yeah For ME!!!

I finally have a 6 month sub to Poppy Ink Kits! I will begin getting my its next month! I am so, so excited about this! I will still continue to get the SoML kits because SoML is fabulouso and that's home and home is where the heart is! Hey, this girl likes to have lots of goods and the more goods, the merrier I will be! Plus that means I will have extras to spare for upcoming RAK's which I have really been wanting to do for some time now to share the love with you. So keep checking back and you never know- I will more than likely have something available very soon. I can only handle so much and I have limited scrap storage space besides.

PSS: I am still insisting that if you haven't checked out the SoML kits you should take a peek!

No new pics of the kids ATM but I am sure I will have more soon. I have got to show you the crazy silly face my DD makes when she's doing the breast stroke at her swimming class. I sewar she's as far from being a fish as a person can be. Every time I look at her I giggle!

Have a Happy Thursday!!!

May 1, 2007

Seriously Dude...

If you haven't been over to SoML yet to order a kit- you are missing out on some great goods! I have no self-control. None what-so-ever and I'm sure Sara loves me for it! lmao.

I got everything that is new- the add-on, the bird stamp, the main kit, of course, the MME bohemia chipboard which is all from the May kit not sold out And I also bought the Imagination Project Super Steno Coasters from the April Kit which are sold out again!!! But don't fret because there is still the "Did you get the memo" Coasters!

The kit and add-on are to die for! Now get over to Story of My Life and order yourself some "Story of the Lonely Sea" goodness!!! :D

night all...I am exhausted from all this excitement!

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