May 6, 2007

Super Weekend!

We totally laid back this weekend. The weather was porch lounging perfect and the sidewalk is colorful fromt he kids and their sidewalk chalk art. I love that. Seriously, I love my sidewalks colored with chalk. Bright flowers, castles, hop scotch boards, and Jaden's latest favorite, robots. Who doesn't love a good robot drawing?

I worked on a LO today and promise to post up a pic tomorrow once daylight hits.

Tomorrow will NOT be a fun day. I have to visit the dentist. I really dislike going to the dentist. And that is my new vice that I am working on. It's tough to be in love with scrapbooking and not have great teeth. It's sad to be human and not have great teeth. I love to laugh and smile and I love to have my picture taken but I am always afraid of wha tpeople will think or of what I will think or if my teeth look real bad.

When I was 11 years old my dad gave me a ten speed bike for my birthday- my very first 10 speed. I was riding a few days after with some friends when a boy hit my bike with his bike and I fell face first onto the street resulting in my three front teeth being smashed out. I have crowns but if you didn't realize this, crowns don't always last forever. Eventually they discolor, your mouth grows, or you could get an infection in the roots. Any of these things means going back to have them yanked off and to be fitted for new crowns.
Let me tell ya- not my cup of tea. Not the yanking, not the shots, not the fittings, not the root canals. None of it. But because I want to look beautiful and have a healthy grill, I am going to do this. This is my year to take care of all the things having to do with my teeth this year. This teeth issue has given me a real complex but I know that it can be fixed and that makes me feel better. I want that freedom back. That freedom to laughand smile without worrying if I don't look beautiful. Especialy now that I am currently taking the meds to help me quit smoking I want to claim my confidence and my health.

Now that I have pured my heart and soul out to you about my fear of dentists I am off to bed to dream of my SoML kit. I have a feeling it will be here around Tuesday. Sara ships super quick cause she is da bomb!

PS: Tomorrows appointment isn't even that big of a deal but I am worried sick. We are going to make a "plan" so I can figure this into our budget. Hopefully she will decide to fill the tooth that I lost a filling in the other day while chewing a piece of gum. ACK!

BTW...Happy NSD!!! I did a little bit of scrappign but no crops or anything like that. I couldn't tear myslef away from my wicker loveseat long enough to participate. Maybe next year if it's raining.


miss morgan... said...

you so have to take lots of pictures of the chalk-bots! they'd be so perfect for bam pop lo's!

michelle said...

i hate the dentist too.. i always have some trauma when i go there..

sally hanna said...

i hope your dentist visit was ok. i know what that anxiety is like, but you will feel 110% better when it is all over. good luck with the quiting smoking. yay for taking care of yourself girl!

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