Apr 13, 2009

remember my post from a few weeks back about how

you can incorporate other hobbies (crocheting) into your scrapbook pages?

on this LO i have found another way to use

this lo was inspired by my children
and st patty's day, which is when this photo was taken.
i created the crocheted border to match the patterned papers
and machine sewed it to the top of my page.

the crocheted flower i also made and attached to the page with a brad.
for the title i placed the letter stickers to a piece of card stock
and trimmed around the edges.
tiny gems and felt flowers and a felt heart create
the "rainbow" of lucky charms.

Do you see the pot of gold and leprechaun at the end of the rainbow?

that sticker was brought home from school for my by my little guy on
st. patty's day! isn't it so cute!

thanks so much for looking!


easter sunday 2009

kev and i woke up before the kids.
i may have been a tad more excited than the kids
actually, they were both in monet bedroom
watching cartoons.
they claimed they hadn't even peeked
at what the easter bunny had brought!

i fixed coffee and pulled myself together
woke up kev and then called the kids into the dining room.

what happened next?

the family gathered together at the table.
the kids opened up their goodies.
ate candy, bit into hollow chocolate bunnies
spilled jelly bellies onto the floor.
shooed the dog away because he couldn't keep his gigantic
nose away from the smell of chocolate and peeps,
played easter themed games, blew bubbles, played tennis
ate more jelly bellies, chocolate, and peeps

and then we headed to church promptly at 10 am
no egg hunt though. do you think they were deprived of the
traditional hunt?
i just really didn't feel up to it.
we have really outdone ourselves with this holiday and truthfully,
i was just plain worn out. i did not feel like hiding eggs.

maybe next year?
maybe not. there are many to be snacked upon and
if you look on the bright side, there will be no stray
hard boiled eggs to be discovered
a week down the road. you know, the one that
no one could remember where it was hidden and the one
that no one could find?

Apr 10, 2009

today i made these pretty peat cup baskets from

lisa garay's tutorial at the kenner road blog

mine are smaller than the ones lisa used in her tutorial,

but this is what i had on hand.

they still
fit an egg and a small handful of candy :)

they were very fun to make and the kids helped too!

the grass i made by cutting up scraps of card stock

with pinking sheers.

i ended up adding more ribbon and frills

to the handles after i took the photos

so they actually look even cuter!

thanks lisa for the most wonderful idea!!!

you always come up with the best!!


Apr 9, 2009

and so tomorrow begins our spring break

there will be butterflies

fluttering about the blooming daffodils and

deep thick green grass to lay in as we watch

the clouds go by, naming each one

by species. there will be picnics and

fruity drinks and peanut butter & honey sandwhiches

mommy and daddy and daughter and son

enjoying the warn sun kissing our faces


ok, ok, really, this is what we will be doing because

we are certainly not perfect and it is defintely not warm enough

to lay in the grass. in fact, we have had snow flurries

here the past three days!

but one can dream, right!


whipping up some more of those

oh so yummy rice krispy easter egg dippers

the obvious, blowing yolks and decorating with rub ons

boiling eggs and coloring and glittering

eating plenty of chocolate

decorating the sidewalks with a rainbow of colors

stasying up late

sleeping in late

lots of crafty business

summer clothes shopping

bike riding

bakugan playing

and of course, the spring cleaning continues


right now i am reading a wonderful magazine called wondertime

the reason i share this is because i just finished reading

a wonderful little article called "No Webkins? No way!"

it describes the most wonderful game to play with your

littles that goes something like this...

(i will use my own example here)

your child pics a word as a topic, say bubbles

you describe how that word reminds you of a childhood experience

of your own. you can use this word to open up a discussion

about your own childhood.

the actual purpose is to let your child have the comfort

of knowing that you were a kid too and that you

have been down that road before.

you know, because sometimes i think our children

might think that we have

alwys been grown ups! hehehe!

but the word your child chooses can also become a great way to open

up dialogue about issues such as trouble with friends

or anything they may be having a tough time with. Isn't that

such a great opportunity to bring

up a topic without it being confrontational or too pushy?

my second thought was that this game could be a super journaling aid!

you could even use the word as your title!

i think i am going to have to give this a try myself this weekend!

til then...

have a happy easter!


Apr 5, 2009

last weekend i took part in f-girl, angie backen's game

"you LIFT me up" over at scrap in style tv.

the idea was to "lift" a LO from the gallery by

a number chosen by the previous poster in the games thread in the

sis tv forums.

my layout was inspired by shadesofbliss, little man LO.

my children

sadly, i didn't get to play this weekend

but i will definitely try to play again next weekend if angie

decides to. regardless, this is such a fun game

so if you find yourself stuck in a scrappy rut,

hop on over to sistv and join in!

what we did do this weekend was a super special treat!

after seeing the new rice krispy cereal commercial with the

easter egg dippers, i knew a run to the grocery store was

in order. i had to make these with the kids.

you can find the recipe at www.ricekrispies.com.

we made ours pretty much the same as the recipe calls,

except we added sprinkles to the chocolate dipped

part of the egg. also, rather than trying to shape the

treats into eggs, i used some old egg shaped jello molds.

this was the first time i have ever actually used those things

since we almost never eat jello! i am certainly glad

that now i have a good reason for keeping

those molds around for so long!

maybe tomorrow i will add a photo. we have had nothing but

gloom here in NY for the past few days.

hopefully the sun will makes it appearance again tomorrow.

have a fabulous week!!

Apr 1, 2009

i'm normally not much of a morning person.

it takes me a while to wake up and i must

have my coffee first. First meaning

before i actually talk to anyone.

but this morning was very different.

i got my behind out of bed earlier than usual. had my coffee.

and worked out.

what a burst of energy!!!

April Fools

when i woke jaden up, a great idea to play a joke

poppe dinto my head. yes, he was easy bait.

but never have i been able to get over on anyone like this before!

Me: Jaden, wake up! it's your birthday!

Jaden: huh? it's my birthday?

It's already june?

Me: yeah! wake up! All your friends are here for your party!

Jaden: they are?

and then he hurried out of his bed into my arms and

i squeezed him laughing out loud


Tonight a not so funny joke was played by monet

on jaden. poor guy!

we were at his cub scouts den meeting.

tonight we were sharing our collecitons.

jaden comes to me with a very concerned look.

he says, "mom, monet took my binder

with all my pokemon cards

and went into the girls bathroom!"

so i went to find her and there she was

with the binder in one hand

and in the other hand,

an entire 3 inch stack of his cards pulled out of the pockets.

that was not so much an april fools joke

but more of a "i'm gonna get you for______ kind of joke".

happy april 1!

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