Feb 24, 2009

quickly, just because i haven't updated in a bit

the love dares

kids reading in their beds

clothing articles from the 1800's
at the walter elwood museum

candy bar sales for 5th grade activities

getting back on track from winter break

crocheting a rainbow afghan for my girl

loving my friends who are so helpful and supportive

quiet evenings alone while kev is at work

lots of journaling

dodge ball tournament half time shows

looking at inspiring photography

the past week was full of good times.
just doing things that bring happiness.
i have put the paper aside.
im not sure why really,
maybe it's time to take it all down
and put it all back
in a new and inspiring way.

i was thinking of bringing an old table up and repainting it
to use as my work surface rather than
the one i am using.
i desperately want to invest in new shelves
but i know that will have to wait.
i am thinking maybe the modular cube shelves from target
since we don't have an ikea nearby.
i saw a new basket from target that i would love to pick up
to add to my table. just to serve as a place to store things
which i would like to be out where i can see what i have
and actually use those things i love.

i am thinking about doing an art journal
to go with the book i am reading,
the love dares.
there are many verses and other things in the book
that i have highlighted and
i would really like to focus and reflect on.


Feb 16, 2009

i love this little man.

he is my #1 boy.

every day he brings smiles to my face.

he melts my heart.

he is who brings out the silly girl in me.

he makes me want to sing happy disney songs,

and he is always up for giving me

a foot massage or giant squishy hugs.

he promises to be my valentine forever

and he shares his candy with me.

this little man even gives me his cherry

when we go out for sundaes.

Feb 6, 2009

yesterday i asked at SIStv

how to use scrapblog.

there have been several times

i tried to figure it out and have

failed. given up. kaput.

melissa gave me the most

fabulous, simple instructions

and guess what!

i think i get it now!

so thank you, i am now officially

addicted to

this is the banner i made.

i don't know yet if it will be the {one}

but i thought i'd share it anyway.


Feb 5, 2009

how would you like
a little peek at my {new} old blog!!!

i have been working hard to

get things just right!

do you like it so far?

background-image: url(http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii139/JessicaNole/JenniferPebbles_2ps_ChocolateWood.jpg); background-attachment: fixed }