Jul 27, 2007

Once again...

DH left yesterday for Farmington, New Mexico. It has been a while since he's been on a trip. I really can't even remember the last place he was, he's been home for so long!

So many friends ask me if I like it when he leaves. My usual response is I am glad because for the past 2.5 years he has been traveling a lot for work and I feel that it has made our marraige stronger. It has made me stronger and him. We can get along with each other and we can get along without each other. Plus, it's nice to have a break from each other too. Especially when you are used to spending time apart and doing things your own way for so long.

The timing couldn't have been much better either. My friend is going to be man-less and (lucky her) childless for a whole week. So we are going to hang tight and experiment with a new project! I am very excited for this!

It is HOT outside!! I think I should get out there and clean the kids pool so they can take a dip this afternoon. About a week ago Jaden rode his bike past the pool and popped a nice hole in it. I finally got around to patching the hole last night. Now it needs to be scrubbed and refilled. We had so many cool days last week, I didn't feel so motivated. But now that it's so hot, I don't want to stand out there in the baking hot sun either. But for the kiddos, I'll do it =)

I'm off pour another cup of coffee and somehow muster up the energy to get moving today!
Have a great one!

Jul 24, 2007

another art card

it's a 2 for 1!!! I had some, let's say, extra time on my hand stoday. Both kids were over at neighbors houses today and the hubby went out for a bit. So I got to play =)

details, discover, smile


I used packing tape to cover these. I found it at a friends house and she said to take it- I knew just what I wanted to do with it right then. I like the kraft color of it and figured what the heck!

I used up some old rub-ons that I never thought I'd have use for too. I love it when I get an idea to use up old stuff.
Also, a friend stopped by who is scrapping a weding shower album for her friend. SO I got to get rid of some old rob and bob stuff and some DCWV papers that I've had for about a year now. Plus I gave her lots of letter stickers, buttons, some die cut flowers and hearts, and a few charms. Oh, and a handfull of ribbons too!
I'd say it has been a productive day!

Art Cards

These babies are so much fun to make! I think the best part for me is that I get *almost* instant greatification because they are done so quick, unlike a layout which can take me hours, sometimes days, to finish.

From all of the LO"s I did over the weekend it's nice to shift things as well. I also like to play with my stamps, so when I am making an art card I feel like it's the perfect opportunity to actually pull the stamps out and use them.

Yesterday I did a little bit of shopping. We stopped at the not-so-local, not-so-great scrap store. THe ONLY thing I like about it is that I can get my bazzill, adhesive, and some stamping ink and leave spending less then $30. I did pick up a three pack of some large bazzill tags to decorate. But that was it.
My friend and I stopped at a really nice Chinese Restuant. DELICIOUS!!! Next we sdstopped at a department store called Peebles. I know where I am doing all of my Christmas clothes shopping. Here I've been wondering, "where have all the little girls clothes gone that make your little girl actually look like a little girl?" I finally found it and even better...everything is disounted. I picked out for my daughter a pair of Bobby Jack cargo shorts 40% off $24.00. Not bad at all. And the dresses~ oh my goodness!!! They were just the sweetest. From play dresses to dress-up dresses, perfect for church.

Anyhow here is my art card I worked on this morning, front and back:

I did these LO's right before the weekend:

Jul 22, 2007

non-CHA Challenges @ SIS TV!!!

I have been scrapping pretty much all day! Whew! I am one whipped mama who is ready for bed! But first I leave you with my submissions.
If you have nothing to do feel like leaving some lubbin, head over to MY SIS TV GALLERY =D

This mini was made for writergirl's "I can see clearly now" challenge:

This LO is for eliseblaha's "Use paint to create" challenge:

This one is for GreenApple Girl's challenge "Getting To Know You":

Lauriedevine's Challenge to "Show your SISta soem LUB. I lifted Amber Ulmer's Flamboyan LO:

I also did the "Clean Your Plate" Challenge by Laurie:

I didn't get to go to CHA this year- but you kknow what- it's all good because I have been working on challenges that SISters have been kind enough to donate items for prizes and think of the most awesome challenges for us SISters.

It wasn't easy using all those Love, Elsie cardstock stickers BUT I have another pack and some Lola on the way too =D

Diane Rigdon's DIgi Challenge- I did 2. It was a ton of fun because they are so different but from the same kit!

I think that's it for tonight! I have no idea how I'm gonna make it to church tomorrow- I will be so tired!!!

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend and if you have nothing better to do (doubt you do!) then join us over at SIS TV for a couple of challenges =D

later gators!

Jul 18, 2007

days later....

This is the fabulous package I received from Dotty! Yes ladies, that is a package of SIS TV Kelli Crowe Collection of "Window Shopping". That means I have two of each paper now!!! I won't feel so guilty for cutting it now =P

SoML has got to be the most awesome kit store on the planet. Seriously. For August, Sara is hookin' us up with some new BamPop!!! And those link necklaces with the plastic charms that hook on. Gawsh, I had one of those with tons of charms hanging of fit. Didn't those come in gumball machines or something? I can't believe she found those and they are so perfect for this 80's themed kit.

I also organized my new space yesterday. It took me a while to want to get in there and do it but wow, now that I did, it looks so much better. There is still a bit of stuff to figure out to make the space the way I would like it to be but what I have for now will do. Oh! That reminds me. At Goodwill I found stacking poly cubes, the kind that snap together, 2 rows, 3 cubes high, for just $15. I don't think they will last forever, but for now they will work great! So here are new pics of my space...

These are the new cubes. Not the *best* looking things in the world, but hey, they do the trick for now =D I seriously would much rather own an antique cabinet of some sort.

I swung the bookcase around so that all of my stuff wasn't exposed to the entire living room. Things get messy and I don't like to see it *all of the time*. It's all organized now. I even sorted the buttons =D

I really love this hanging wire fruit basket, so I had to incorporate it somehow into my scrap space. I tied bits of colorful ribbons to it and utilized it 1st basket is bling, 2nd basket is chipboard (some of it), 3rd basket is letters (except for the sticker variety)

This is the view from the living room. Not too shabby, is it? I am thinking of putting a table runner or some kind or a piece vintage linen over the shelf to hide the backing of the bookcase a bit. Also the fish tank is going to have to retreat to my sons bedroom I really like it there but I am so worried that one of the kids or a pet will knock it over onto all of my scrappy goodness. That would totally break my heart.

Have a Happy Hump Day =D

Jul 13, 2007

Pizza Tonight!

My friend came to hang out with me pretty much all day! What great treat it is when someone comes over just to chill and keep you company! It totally inpsired me to scrap a little tag while she was here to add to my new art card book I am making. Yup, another WIP for me! Just what I needed huh?

I had two days of happy mail this week! First came a package from Sara, owner of SoML. She totally hooked me up with the cutest bits of things that I can't wait to incorporate into a LO. Also my friend Dolly, who is the Creative Director at Green Tangerines in California sent me THE MOST AWESOME PACKAGE EVER!!!! I will post a photo tomorrow 'cause my batteries just died on me. I will also get up a pic of the goodies Sara sent too- minus the Hello Kitty stuff cause my BFF would die if she knew I had those and didn't give them to her! So cause I lub her so much, hope you don't mind Sara, I passed them over to her! It totally made her day and she said she'd scrap picks of her puppy with them =D

So much has happened since the last time I blogged but I won't bore you with all the little details about my daughter's sleepovers and my lazy beach bum days... I will share with you what I found at Target for less than $4.......................

Art Card 1 front & back

Sassafras Las PP and rub-pn, FancyPants Designs journaling stamp, red ricrac, button
The journailing is from an Eryka Badu song that I lub.

Basic Grey PP and letter stickers (phoebe collection) Hambly Studios rub-on

Art Card 2 front & back

Tinkering Ink PP, FancyPants Designs Diecuts (journaling & border), Queen & Co. felt border, embroidery floss

Hambly Studios PP, Kelli Crowe Collection PP, Poppy Ink Stamp, Heidi Swapp Bling, Basic Grey fibers (phoebe collection) Tab is from a goodie bag Sara Berry sent me =D

Art Tag 1

Journaling spot from the SIS TV Kelli Crowe Colletion
SIS TV Kelli Crowe Collection journaling spot, Love, Elsie Cardstock Sticker (roxie), embridery floss

Oh, and not that this post needs to be any longer BUT I need to ask you all for suggestions or ideas. I REALLY need to get my new scrap space in order. Since we adopted Bo, I had to move all of my stuff. We have a super long living room so I secitoned off a small L-cove area off with the couch. Now I have this little nook to put all my goods- here are the pics so you can see. Right now it's a mess. I know where everything is but since it's in my living room I need to keep it somewhat neat, really. Well, as neat as I possibly can.

this is to the right of the bookcase. I'm think some kind of drawer storage for my kits. What do you think?

Not much space here but in all actuallity I need only about a 15 x 15 space to work on. THe rest can hold scrappy stuff.

THese are hanging fruit baskets I picked up a long time ago at an antique shop and thought they'd be great to store scrappy stuff. Maybe my stamps rather than storing them in a shobox?

This absolutely "tweet" thing my friend picked up for me at Joanne's. I was eyeing it months ago and it went on clearance finally, so she grabbed it! I lub her! RIght now I am using it to store some tools and as a place to stick something I want to use frequently, like scissors and my corner punch.

Okay, if you have any suggestions, please share them with me!! I need cheap storage solutions and opinions on how I should arrange things without taking over the living room =D
I would like it to look like a creative space too. I don't like to hide my stuff away, ya know. But I want it to look pretty at the same time.

Jul 7, 2007


Yup, it's a good day. I have been chillin- even though I should be doing something productive. But hey, it's only one day and it's such a perfect day to just hang out and do nadda!

Some fun pics that my sis and I took the other day- actually, on the 4th. We hung out at my house and did pretty much nothing
'cept goof around and take silly pics of each other.
Theone of the cat is hil-friggen-arious!!! THat thing is baby jaguars house or something, from diego. Jaden thought it'd make a great hat for Socks but geez he looked so ridiculous we had to take a pic.

I got my SoML kit- WoW! AMAZING!!! I am so, so in lve with this kit and seriosuly can't wait to play!
Buttons galore- and the MR book is da bomb!!! oh, and the ribbon...TDF!

background-image: url(http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii139/JessicaNole/JenniferPebbles_2ps_ChocolateWood.jpg); background-attachment: fixed }