Aug 31, 2007

Addcited to etsy shops...

I have decided that I am definitely doing the majority of my Christmas shopping from some etsy shops. Whatever doesn't come from an etsy shop will more than likely be handcrafted by me. I think that this is a wonderful way to support artists and a great way to bring beautiful art into other's lives who may not think to give something handmade to themselves. There is always something more to appreciate about recieving a gift that was handmade by the giver or even someone else.

I just recently ordered this lovely vintage ring from Just Be Jewelry Designs for my very good friend. I came across the link while visiting Rebecca Sower's blog. All of the jewelry at Just Be is so pretty, it was hard to decide which was the perfect piece but once I recieved it in the mail, there was no question about it, this is the perfect ring. It's even more beautiful in person.
Speaking of Rebecca Sower, I just have to tell you that she has some beautiful handcrafted lovelies in her etsy shop. I am really loving the vintage sheet music. I am thinking that these will make some seriously awesome creations to give as Christmas gifts.
A few weeks ago I ordered some sweets from Kerry Lynn, Fashionista from SIS tv. She has created some lovely little divider tabs from vintage wallpaper that I am totally lovin! She also has some flowers and arrows, amongst quite a few other unique items.

Today is rainy and cool which is a relief for me as I've had a terrible head cold and some respiratory issues going on. I headed up to urgent care last night. I couldn't take that heavy feeling in my chest any longer. I left feeling a whole lot better just from being in a different quatily of air! I can't believe how hazy it got here. And then the rain came.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. It's our last weekend of summer vacation! We are officially on our schooltime bedtime schedule! It's been a great, relaxing summer after all.

Aug 25, 2007

It's funny....

Sometimes I get irritated when my son holds onto my legs but then there are moments like in this photo that I rethink all of that and appreciate that this child loves everything about me and looks up to me in so many ways I can't even begin to list. It's momnets like these that I wish I could turn back the time and "re-do" every time he hung onto me and I told him to stop- and that I could have felt the same way I did the moment I took this photo.

The photo in this LO was teken when my neighbors peony bush was in full bloom. I actually think it bloomed fuller this year then any year before. It was breathtaking and I could smell the sweet fragrance even from where I live, across the street.

The 21st was my daughters 9th birthday? We didn't do anything big but the wishes came true! Her grandfather (my FIL) sent her money, which happened to be exactly enough for her to buy what she wanted.

Aug 23, 2007

The past 3 days...

On the 20th I spoke with my Pastor about teaching scrapbooking classes and holding crops to help raise money for our building fund. I was so nervous to bring up the idea but I was thrilled when he agreed tht it was a great idea. He let me know that there were 2 ways we could do it- through Ministry with our outreach program or separate with me being the business owner. But he said that if one way doesn't work, the other should!
I have been running over ideas and the details in my mind and on paper/computer, making plans, and getting all giddy! This is so huge! And the best par tof it is I really feel that all of this has God's blessing.
We will have a meeting on Monday to discuss it all further so if you happen to think of it please pray for me!!!

Also, I have been working on a mini made from 4 paper bags. What a blast I have been having creating this mini. I think this will be my first project I teach because it's so simple, affordable, and FUN! There are many pics to follow but I must share with you =)

thanks for looking at my project!

Aug 20, 2007

going through and getting rid of the old and organizing the new...

That's what I've been up to. Like knee deep. I have put together 5 kits out of oldies but goodies. I can't believe how much I have that I never used. Lots was given to me from a friend who does work for manufacturers and lots I have purchased but never used. Some of it I had overflow of the same product And could never use it all. It all seemed like such a waste but now I am excited that I will make some of that money back to put toward new supplies and see how others can be creative.

The first kit I put together sold within 30 minutes of me putting it in the bag. The "It's Your Day!" Kit was made out of wacky paper that I would never have thought of using but it came out so stinkin' cute. My friend has dibs on that one! One is called Mother Love" made up from some GinX ans Sassafras Las papers. Two kits are for baby boy (sweet dreams) and baby girl (precious treasures). Totally cute!

"Sweet Dreams" Kit

"Precious Treasures" Kit {Sale Pending}

"Mother Love" Kit

Here is Kit # 5: It's Your Day! {Sale pending}

Now I am working on a mini tag book. I have the tags all cut and the reinforcement labels in place. Now I have to add all the bits of goodness and it will be set to package also!

The first day of school is just around the corner. I was putting off purchasing sneakers for my son until the very last minute. Mostly just to avaiod scuffs and wear & tear but low and behold, his sandals busted apart during his rough play. Dang it! So we ran off to Payless to pick out a pair of sneakers since he HAD to have shoes to wear for church and to havesshoes on his feet, besides! Can you believe my child didn't have a pair of shoes to hold him over one more week? The child seriously grew out of everything over the summer, last years sneaks included. I found the cutest pair of "slipper shoes" for my daughter while I was there. They are cheetah print with a sweet embroidered rose and rhinestones. BOGO- so I had to pick out a pair for her too!

We are still debating whether or not we are going to let her pick out Heelies for sneakers. I understand why she wants them- they are fun as heck. And she has been asking for them for months oo. But I just don't see how they can be supportive for Phys Ed activities. Of course I try to explain that to her, but you try explaining something like that to a 9 year old! Like, right over her head!

Off to create more kits!!
Have a wonderful day!

Aug 17, 2007

Whew! Some much needed breathing space!

...And some shopping!

I totally needed a break- just to be me and take some serious me time. My kids are great about letting me have space- cause they like to do their thing anyhow. Dh, on the other hand, he likes lots of attention and likes to stay busy constantly. Needless to say, I'm just not likethat. I like to do thing swhen I am ready- and they do get done. I work best when I procratinate and then I am under pressure. I suppose that has something to do with how my parents are. I dunno- but that is just how I am.
An how- who else is so excited to hang with the kids tonight to watch HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL II!!! I know I am!
We made a trip to Walmart today andfound the cutest little school accessory case and ended up picking up a couple more HSM notebooks. THey are way too cute. DD's birthday is riht around the corner, so I grabbed htem to save for the big day. It doesn't even mattter to her that they are for school- as long as it's HSM related.

We also found a really cute Japanese inspired tote with the most adorable, colorful heart and mushroom designs on it. We decided that would make a great book bag- rather than the traditional backpack. Ds picked out a hotwheels backpack. lol, go figure!

Here's what I worked on a few nights ago. Some friends came over to scrap. I actually completed this in that time and totally love how it came out!

I made this with the sweet, sweet Love, Elsie LOLA line. I handstitched some bits & bobs around the photo and used some fun rub-ons and stickers too! The B&W letter stickers I picked up at Lowe's for $2!!!

Me & My Sister chillin' on the 4th of July!

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