Aug 31, 2007

Addcited to etsy shops...

I have decided that I am definitely doing the majority of my Christmas shopping from some etsy shops. Whatever doesn't come from an etsy shop will more than likely be handcrafted by me. I think that this is a wonderful way to support artists and a great way to bring beautiful art into other's lives who may not think to give something handmade to themselves. There is always something more to appreciate about recieving a gift that was handmade by the giver or even someone else.

I just recently ordered this lovely vintage ring from Just Be Jewelry Designs for my very good friend. I came across the link while visiting Rebecca Sower's blog. All of the jewelry at Just Be is so pretty, it was hard to decide which was the perfect piece but once I recieved it in the mail, there was no question about it, this is the perfect ring. It's even more beautiful in person.
Speaking of Rebecca Sower, I just have to tell you that she has some beautiful handcrafted lovelies in her etsy shop. I am really loving the vintage sheet music. I am thinking that these will make some seriously awesome creations to give as Christmas gifts.
A few weeks ago I ordered some sweets from Kerry Lynn, Fashionista from SIS tv. She has created some lovely little divider tabs from vintage wallpaper that I am totally lovin! She also has some flowers and arrows, amongst quite a few other unique items.

Today is rainy and cool which is a relief for me as I've had a terrible head cold and some respiratory issues going on. I headed up to urgent care last night. I couldn't take that heavy feeling in my chest any longer. I left feeling a whole lot better just from being in a different quatily of air! I can't believe how hazy it got here. And then the rain came.

Wishing you a lovely weekend. It's our last weekend of summer vacation! We are officially on our schooltime bedtime schedule! It's been a great, relaxing summer after all.


shelly b said...

I wish I had time to go through ALL the cool etsy shops, but I am lovin a few. Have to check out rebecca sowers.

michelle said...

i love etsy, some yummy goodness there. i hope you feel better

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