Apr 30, 2007

I found a really cool challenge blog

that is filled with inspiration! I love Marci Lamberts work and always find her stuff so inspiring. I came across a challenge blog she started with some other fantastic scrappers here at How Much is too Much

I want to give some of these challenges a try. I am amazed at their work and use of product.

When no one else is looking...

After school the kids rode bikes for a bit and I grabbed a few photos of them- See they are wearing their safety helemts!!

Days like this make me feel like "Life is Good, Man!"


My Name is Jaden Nole
...and I am too darn cute! My mommy made this LO today because she wanted to be *PRODUCTIVE*

Every morning when I take Jaden to school I ask him what kind of day he is going to have. I really think that this is a choice and I like to teach him that he has full control over his choices and his behavior. So I ask, "Are we going to have a goof off day or a *PRODUCTIVE* day?" Of course he always says what I want to hear. lol

So I was productive and did this simple LO today. I used a mix of this kit and that kit and well, they worked together beautifully. The cardstock is one of the Bazzil Bling sheets I picked up at my LSS a couple weeks ago. I absolutely LOVE this color! It almost matches my blog!
The photo is a pic I took at the park last week. I love the green grass behind him.
Don't you jsut love how I had him write his name on his own on the name tag? This is what scrapbooking is all about for me! :)

TFL!! :D

The Big Night!!!

It's almost here- get your CC's ready and set your alarm!!! I can't wait to see the full SoML kit! I will have to stay up to order even though I've been trying to get to bed earlier.

Today the sun came out. Finally- well, we were spoiled last week with the 80 degree weather but I sure missed it! Yeah- I like to talk about the weather. Not just because it's something to talk about but because I really do get excited! I love ig snow storms and I love hot summer days. Summer lightning storms and freak hail storms always get me in a hype too.

So today I am already completely unproductive. I think I need to switch things up a bit. I have such a short attention span don't I/I still haven't finished up that project and I have an itch to do a simple LO. Maybe I should go with the flow and not worry about having works in progress so much. There aren't any deadlines and it's not likethey are going anywhere. I really dislike that I always start things and have such a hard time finsihing them. Of course I want to finsh so I can put it in my gallery- Ugh! I should get to creating! I will feel much better if I do!

Apr 29, 2007

For Monet

Tonight I was showing a friend the pics on my blog and Dd let it be knownthat there aren't so many pics of her- and funny thing is, she's right. I think she's in a quirky stage, almost nine and sometimes pics come out funny lookin'. Or maybe it's a girl thing since we are always so judgemental about how our photos come out. So here is a quick cute pic I took of her the other day onour front porch. After I uploaded the pics to my computer I looked through them as I always do and this one for some reason gave me this rush of feelings- those "Oh My Goodnes...my baby is growing up so fast" But it's funny because she looks so young in this one. Like it took me back to when she was five or six years old- those cheeks! I had to laugh at myself because five years ago, I never for a moment understood wha tthis felt like and maybe even yesterday I didn't quite understand it. But today I do. My baby girl is growing up and I need to cherish those days and the ones to come with every piece of me.

Where did the weekend go?

Yesterday wa sfull of fun stuff but today, well, how boring cn it get. I am tired and regardless how much I wanted to work on that project, al lI got done was a few pics printed and cut and one piece of paper glued. How's that for motivation? Maybe I need coffee and companionship. My porch buddy went to her sisters for the weekend so I;m a loner this weekend.
I tried to get Ds to pick up his room today and he just decided to lay down and fell asleep instead. ugh!

Yesterday was fun- here is a pick from the Opening Day Ceremony. Sorry to bore yu with all the T Ball pics butthat's what we have been busy with this past week :)

oh! How do you like the new banner? I did it all by myself!!!

Another thingy about me...

How Quirky Are You. Celeste put this one up at Poppy Ink. I took the quiz and figured I'd stick it up here too-

Your Quirk Factor: 68%

You're so quirky, it's hard for you to tell the difference between quirky and normal.
No doubt about it, there's little about you that's "normal" or "average."

Apr 28, 2007

Apr 27, 2007

The Big Day!

This evening I took Jaden to meet his coach and to pick up his uniform. They were going to have their first T Ball practice but of course it rained. Earlier to day we went to the sporting goods store to pick out a glove. It's so cute. We got him a really good glove so he could catch the ball easily. It's nice and loose rather than stiff like the cheaper gloves. He is super excited about this glove so it was totally worth paying what we did. He also got a T Ball to practice at home with.
The uniforms are pretty nice. I was surprised that pants were included. I actually thought they'd be giving us just the hats and T Shirts. But the pants are black basic baseball uniform pants. Jaden looks absolutley cuter than words. I swear if he had blue eyes he'd look like a mini Jeter!!!
Hannford is the team- the grocery store that I am proud to shop at because they are the store that REALLY saves you money. I love my grocery store!

When we got home I had him try on all his gear and pose for the camera. Team pictures are tomorrow as well as the Opening Day Ceremony. 10:30 we have to be there so we will be getting to bed early for a weekend night and getting up early for a Saturday at the Nole family home.

Isn't he the cutest T Ball player ever!!!

Now on a mommy note: this is huge for me! This is so different than the dance, sleep-overs, gymnastics, barbie playing, dress-up, serious girly-girl stuff that I am used to. This is so new and exciting for me as a mom. My baby is playing T Ball. He looks like such a big boy in his unform. I am emotional. I am proud. I am totally just as excited as he is about this experience. I am sad at the same time though because my husband is going to miss most of this. Today he said he wished he could be there for all of this. That was hard to hear. I wish he had been there to take Jaden to the store to get his glove and pick up his uniform and meet the coach. Kevin wishes he had been there. And tomorrow- the big day, Opening Ceremomy...dad not there. This is hard. Pictures will be taken but for this, it's not the same as missing Halloween. This is like missing a graduation ceremony. Gosh. Dh played baseball growing up. It was a huge part of his childhood. Dh was a catcher and took so much pride in his position. I know this is hard for him which scares me a bit that he will become unhappy with his current job which involves being away most of the time.
So hear I am playing mom and dad through this. But I am one very proud mom. Jaden is a charm.

Shop 'til You Drop!

Yesterday, after school, my friend called to ask if I wanted to head to The Christmas Tree Shop. I didn't expect to find much but leave it to me- we went shopping! I stopped in The Limited Too looking for sandals for Dd but instead found these adorable shorts in pop pink, this hat in pop pink, really cute footless leggings in pink with brown hearts and a black rhinestone bracelet with a pretty black bow on it.
I didn't realize the price of the shorts until we were about to check out. Seriously, I was not thinking- I assumed they were about $25 but when I looked at the tag it said $36.50!! I almost had a heart attack. I had already said I would get them and now I was like, NO WAY!!! Well, this very, very nice lady gave up her 25% discount coupon for a friend after I asked her nicely if she had an extra. She totally saved my life! Over all I saved almost $17.00. I really would never ask someone but in this case I just coudn't justify this purchase unless I had a coupon. I am so glad that there are still nice people in this world- people who you don't even know, who are still lookin' out. So if this lady ever comes across my blog, which I somehow doubt she will, thank you so much again!

I found a new store to shop at. They aren't all that trendy but if you think about it, it's pretty close to your classic Old Navy look- and well their prices are so reasonable it would be silly not to go back there to shop. It's called Steve & Barry's University Sportswear. Mens jeans were 2 for $22!! I told my Dh that we would have to go back there to get him some new clothes. The jean shorts were the same price and the Polos were something like 2 for $12. How could you say no? I bought myself a pair of stretch jean gauchos that fit so perfectly, a zip-up hoodie (brown with a pretty orange design on the shoulder), a ribbed tank top with...get this... the cutest birds all over it! And a tshirt (navy blue with bright colored flowers) The Tshirts were 3 for about $20. Seriosuly...dude- who could say no?

So that was all after The Christmas Tree Shop. There I got a new post bound album- purple linen covered for $3.99!!!! I found a sweet bird cage- always wanted one never could justify paying $30 for one, found it for $12.99! Yup that's right. Cheap and beautiful. If you know where I can find a beautiful faux bird to put in there, let me know, link me up, whatevas. I also got two sets of new paint brushes for $1.99 each. I doubt they are the quality I would like to have but the way I am about rinsing brushes, 2 bucks is great. And that's why I bought 2 packs, lol. And last I picked up this cute sign for over one of my windows in the living room.

Tonight is Ds's first T ball practice. If it's raining we will just meet to get the uniforms and we have to run to walmart for a glove. I totally forgot to get a glove. Hopefully there are some left. If not, we will have to order one online. Tomorrow we meet for pictures. Now that is going to be too cute! I will have to try to sneak a few of my own too.

So now that I have finished totally blabbing my mouth about all of my bad money spending, have a great weekend!

Apr 26, 2007

Tagged again...

by Miss Moxie

10 weird things about myself and then tag 7 people...

1) I choose what I want to eat according to whether or not I can put ranch dressing on it.

2) I obsessively check to see if anyone comments on my LO's.

3) I have nicknames for my two cats- Socks is Soxie Poo and Sheba is Beeba Boo. The crazy thing is that they respond!

4) I don't like having a cell phone but I do. Even though it's mostly turned off.

5) I smoke after I spend money.

6) I don't like to drink from plastic cups. Only glass.

7) Every morning the first thing I do is open all of the blinds. My dh can't stand it but it's not the beginning of the day for me until they are opened.

8) I never listen to voice mails- I think they are a waste of money.

9) I refuse to have an answering machine because if you leave a message I feel obligated to call you back- and I just might not want to! lol

10) I pick the grass out from in between the sidewalk cracks in front of my house. Dh says I look insane doing this but I can't resist pulling grass from places it shouldn't be growing. I need weed eater!!!

I tag the same people as I did in the last post... just to make it easier for all of us!

Tagged by...

Here are 7 random things about me...

1. I have four younger siblings. One sister, three brothers.
2. I really do like it when my dh is traveling. I like to stay up late, watch my shows, browse blogs, and scrap late at night. I like to sit on the porch until it gets dark and make salads for dinner :)
3. I have more ideas than I know what to do with. Getting down on pape ris just as hard as executing the ideas onto paper!
4. I drink coffee from the day before. I can't see wasting half a pot of coffee and I reason that this is what microwaves are for!
5. I don't like to eat red meat. At one point I was vegan but dh cleaimed I was starving him so I learned to cook meat. My younger sister taught me!
6. I love to grocery shop. I don't set a tight budget. I love to have lots of food in the house!
7. I alternate kids sleeping in my bed, every other night, when dh isn't home. If I had a king size bed, I would le tthem both sleep with me.

Now I get to chose 7 friends!

Marie, Colleen, Ann Marie, Amanda, Michelle, Shelly, Jen Harrison

Have fun Girls!!! :D

Apr 25, 2007

Our exciting week- so far!

Exciting for us anyways!
Tuesday was the last day for this session of swimming. After many, many sessions of lessons for both of my children, Dd finally made it to Level III. Needless to say Ds did not make it to Level II but he did get there once before. Just I wasn't ready to let him swim without floaties. Gosh, not at just 4 years old. Maybe I degressed him a bit but I felt at the time I had to go with my gut. He will just have to take it more seriously or I swear we'll be going to swim lessons forever! We start up again on May 1st.

Dh stopped at home in between jobs today for all of a half hour. Just enough time to repack his suitcase give us hugs and run back out the door. The kids miss him. And I miss him.
T-ball starts supposedly this Friday. The first practice! I can't wait to take pics of this! Unfortunately the practice will take place indoors- in a gym so the lighting will probably be terrible but I will definitely take pics anyways This will be Ds's first time ever playing any kind of sport involving a ball and a bat. I shoud have bought him a T-ball set to practice. Maybe tomorrow I can pick one up and take him to the field to get the feel of what to do. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow too!

I have been working on something with my kit from SoML. I am using the BamPop papers from the kit. So far- amazing and I'm loving cutting up that paper :P
I think this project will take until over the weekend to finish but if I get done sooner, I promise to post up pics!

Yesterday I took Ds to the park with a few buddies from his school. I love that park-the kids love that park- it's really a great place to let your imagination run wild- One of those wooden parks and it's set just so the sun shines right over everything- excellent for taking photos!

If it is sun-shiney your way tomorrow, I hope you get to enjoy some of it!

Apr 22, 2007

Weekend Fun!

Some weekend photos I wanted to share.
I'm about to go back outside but thought I'd take a break from my hard life, sitting on the porch and drinking soda, to throw a few pics up!

DD's first time at the school pool jumping off the diving board! HUGE moment!

DD is serious about her jumping rope- ya know, with the movie Jump In and all- she's hooked!

Just like his Dad- so serious!

Seriously though- I did get to do ing som elaundry, ran the dishwasher, folded some clothes, and vaccumed the living and dining rooms. Plus the bathroom is partially cleaned. Not bad for a nice weekend! :P

Apr 21, 2007

SoML Kit Challenge #1

If you haven't given this challenge a try- you are totally missing out! I had a blast creating this LO. The simplicity of it is very different from what I normally do but with the beautiful Crate Paper line- Carnival and these fabulous root beer float thickers by American Crafts, plus the little colorful sequins I used that all came in the kit-- well they are so perfect for a simple LO. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Yesterday I scrapped with my friend Jen, who just made the fabulous Zsiage DT. We headed out to the LSS and I picked up some new Bazzil Bling and some half sheets of scalloped Bazzil, cotton white Stazon, a new adhesive eraer, and a new Marvy black pen for some fresh journaling.
It was a good trip to the LSS. I didn't spend a fortune and got some basic essentials. :D

Today is absolutely beautiful. We were out for a little while. I was sitting on the porch with my neighbor and the kids were playing with a ladybug they found and created a small habitat for it on the porch with some grass, sticks, and a bit of dirt until along came Mr. Black Wasp and stung DD on her elbow. Ugh- first wasp of the year and yeah, he had to ruin DD's day by choosing to place his stinger right on my baby! With a little TLC and an ice pack, she is feeling a bit better. At elast his stinger fell out so I dont' have to pull it out with the tweezers.

I am about to go back out to enjoy some more of this awesome weather- Have a wonderful day everyone!

Apr 20, 2007

My agenda and learning to say NO!

Today I have an agenda. I have errands to run & I want to pick up my house. I want it neat and tidy so that I have a nice clean space to get cretive in. Things went a little crazy here toward the middle of the week- the weather being nice and all. We didn't spend much time in the house but the time we did spend, it got messy. Somehow, everyone forgot to clean u after themselves. So- that's what I'm going to do today. End of story.
I get a call from my cousin-in-law. We don't speak much and I have my reasons for that. I just don't want to be associated with the drama. So I stay away. She was calling just as I was leaving to take the kids to school. I didn't answer because4 I knew what this was about. Also, I needed to get going as we were already running behind schedule.
As soon as I walk in the door it was my dh on the phone. Apparently she called his cell phone. He is away on travel so he called me back to tell me that she called. I told him I knew. Well her son had missed his bus and she needed a ride to take him to school. Now normally I would drop what I was doing but get this...she only ever calls when she needs something and I am always the last resort. I wonder if she ever thought about that. I wondered out loud to my husband why she doesn't call a friend, someone who she talks to frequently. Can't they help her out? I am surely not the only person she knows of who is home during the day.
The last time she asked me to do a favor she called at 8:30 at night to ask me if I'd pick up a script for her at the pharmacy by 9 when they close. She said they had her insurance card there and all I had to do was sign for it and drop it off to her house. So I went to pick it up for her and when I get there the pharmacist says there is no card and the bill was $20.00. I ended up not getting the script and left. She never called to ask what happened and life happened for me so I forgot to ask her about it. But I wonder still if she lied about the card and if she thought that I would have paid her bill for her anyhow. She still owes me money from 3 months ago when I helped her pay for her sons birthday party and still has not offered to pay any of it back. When we asked her about when she could pay us back she didn't give us an answer but more of an excuse and left us wondering if we would ever get our money back from her. I definitely dont' want to continue doing her favors just so I can get our money back. In a way I feel like it's worth it to let her keep the money and just not do any more favors for her.
I feel like this is not so much her issue as it is mine though. I really can't have someone who loves drama, always needs a ride, and only calls when they need a favor or money. It just doesn't work out being an "equal friendship". I have tried to be friends with her but whenever I try to have a conversation with her, she always says "I'll call you back" and don't you know, she never does, not until she needs a favor. So why should I do favors? I am not trying to be mean or selfish but I really don't feel like I have room in my life to be carting people around who don't appreciate favors like a friend would. And I certainly don't want to be someones last resort. I am sure that would make anyone feel hurt and ya know, I have friends and I dont' need this.I dont' need anyone to complicate life any more than it already is if I can avoid it, ya know? I don't know why she continues to think that I want to continuosly do favors for her and I never even get a friendly "how are you doing" or a visit, a call (or a call back) or even the time of day, for that matter, unless it's good for her.

Do you think I am wrong for saying no or feeling this way?

okay- rant over and now I am off to tidy up in preparation for being creative! I got my SoML kit in the mail yesterday. I am so excited to get to scrappin'. I really wish I didn't have to clean cause I really feel like making a mess!

Apr 19, 2007

Flower Power really does work!

If you do the happy sunshine dance and make things that are bright and cheery- the sun is bound to respond. I mean, how could it not?

I am heading out onto my porch to do some reading! I picked up 2 new magazines this morning to read and my little guy is just begging to head out. Who could pass that up! I will be stalking the mailman tody in hopes that my SoML kit arrives in time for a scrappy weekend. This is what my pretty little hands will be creating with - so what are you waiting for?
At the SoML Store you can purchase the main kit, add-ons, exclusive stamps, and other extras.

You can take a peekie at Sara's blog to see what she has in store for May -TDF!!!

My Life Mini Album

I made this little album about life changing for me a bit, how am accepting these changes, and something to add some pretties to, just because I love pretties.

To view the slideshow of My Mini Album click here!

Apr 18, 2007

Good Day, Sunshine

The sun is still not shining but I am totally looking forward to this weekend. I saw the forecast this morning--- it's going to be in the 70's!!! As you can probably tell I am hung up on the weather and I so badly want to sit on my porch to soak up some of that warmth. A couple months ago my friend moved into her new house and gave me her wicker set- a love seat, chair and a table. It looks so cozy and makes for a great spot for my best neighbor to come sit with me to drink iced coffee and look through magazines together. The most excellent thing to do while the kids play or ride bikes.

Tomorrow dh is heading out to NJ for work. That means I get the whole place to myself for a bit- lots of fun scrappy things to do and my kit from SoML should be here by the weekend. I have some fun plans for this kit. Anyone want to join me for some scrapping?- your are always welcome!

About SoML- I'm telling you, this is the BEST place to make friends! Seriously! I am totally loving the atmosphere and the girls are fabulous. The gallery is full of inspiration and the new design team is unbelievably talented. Loving what they did for the DT entries and I can't wait to see what they come up with for the May kit.
So a big congrats to the girls at SoML>> Nicole Eshelman, Sally Hanna, Penny Lach, Amber Ulmer, and Lucrecer Braxton .I also want to congratulate my new friend Amber on being pubbed for Scrap Trends. She is so fresh- you will love her style, I promise. Plus it doesn't hurt that she has the best personality and is a fabulous cheerleader!

Here is my lil taste of sunshine I created. I hope it puts a smile on your face!!

Apr 15, 2007

Story of My Life DT Entry

Here it is. I am so super nervous and excited all at the same time. The talent is tremendous- I am totally shaking in my pants. 4 designers will be chosen for this design team. I know that Sara is going to have one heck of a time dwindling it down to just 4 designers. THe kits are fabulous and seriously, I can tell after seeing the sneak peek for May's kit, the kits are going to get better and better! Yeah!! For Story of My Life!

Good Luck to everyone who entered for a spot on the SoML design team!

Apr 11, 2007

Playing around with Digi

I have done digital scrapping a bit int he past but tonight I wanted to play around with making my own brushes.

Here is what I made tonight! I can't wait to use it on something. I love dandelions and what could be better than a pink dandelion?
ETA: I went back and made a green dandelion too!

I found the dandelion image at Obsidian Dawn. There are free photoshop brushes there and she is kind and generous to only ask for a link back to her site!

I doubt that I can figure out how to make it show up transparent here, but I do have it saved to my cpmuter transparent. Ah well, I still want to share.
Tonight I shall dream of fairies...
and digi scrapping too!

Apr 10, 2007

Inspiration....it does a mind good.

Over at Poppy Ink, Heather Burch created a fabulous banner for her latest Poppy Project. Some of the supplies were things I already have so I didn't purchase the kit but I did create my own version of her Sprout Banner. Can I say LOVELY! Wow! I think this is my favorite project yet. It looks so pretty hangning in my living room.

The Hudson Vally line from 7Gypsies is amazing! I really love this patterned paper. The desings are perfect for creating projects for my home and the best part is that all of the names of the papers in this line are actually towns along the Hudson River in New York. I didn't realize this until I had the paper in my hands and who would've known, I've been to these places and the designs are historically correct. They remind me of some of the wallpapers I've seen in the old colonial homes.

Also, I am excited to tell you that my friend Danyelle and I are opening an etsy shop. It's called Scarlet Chicks We will be putting up some product within the next couple of days and posting sneak peaks and creative ideas on our blog.

Apr 7, 2007

Spring Breakin'

We are Spring Breakin' up in here! A few friends have popped in and my mom came to visit, scrapping, crafting and all that kind of fun. It's really nice to have someone to chat with while you are keeping busy. Having my mom around is great regardless.
I went out last night to shop for the kids and when I came home I found two baskets of laundry folded, dishes were washed, and she was cleaning my son's room! Rock on! I was so happy! And surprised!

So here is the fabulous layout I worked on last weekend but my dh had the camera. And a cute littl e box I altered so it would look cute in my daughters room.

I really love this swallow. I found it in a clearance bin at Walmart in the craft section. The MM trims I found at Big Lots. I used Basic Grey patterned paper and Tinkering Ink patterned paper. For the mat, I used a note card that I found in the office supply section at Walmart. I really liked the embossed dots around the edge and the color is beautiful.
My daughter is my inspiration.

The box is covered in colorbok patterned paper and a bit of lace I picked up at Joanne's and the button had to have fallen off of something I own. I used MM letter stickers on the inside cover and a book plate to give some dimension. Glue dots hold the plate in place.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!!! Hopefully warm weather will follow shortly after the weekend. It's not much of a Spring Break with all the cold! With the way it looks, I don't know if we'll get to blow bubbles even! Maybe indoors we will!
Tomorrow we are planning hot cocoa and Peeps! I must take pictures of our purple marshmallow peep bunnies floating in our mugs of hot cocoa! Mmmm! Sounds too prefect for a cold Easter Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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