Apr 29, 2007

For Monet

Tonight I was showing a friend the pics on my blog and Dd let it be knownthat there aren't so many pics of her- and funny thing is, she's right. I think she's in a quirky stage, almost nine and sometimes pics come out funny lookin'. Or maybe it's a girl thing since we are always so judgemental about how our photos come out. So here is a quick cute pic I took of her the other day onour front porch. After I uploaded the pics to my computer I looked through them as I always do and this one for some reason gave me this rush of feelings- those "Oh My Goodnes...my baby is growing up so fast" But it's funny because she looks so young in this one. Like it took me back to when she was five or six years old- those cheeks! I had to laugh at myself because five years ago, I never for a moment understood wha tthis felt like and maybe even yesterday I didn't quite understand it. But today I do. My baby girl is growing up and I need to cherish those days and the ones to come with every piece of me.

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Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...

a lovely pic...she is adorable. Godd work mama.

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