Apr 29, 2007

Where did the weekend go?

Yesterday wa sfull of fun stuff but today, well, how boring cn it get. I am tired and regardless how much I wanted to work on that project, al lI got done was a few pics printed and cut and one piece of paper glued. How's that for motivation? Maybe I need coffee and companionship. My porch buddy went to her sisters for the weekend so I;m a loner this weekend.
I tried to get Ds to pick up his room today and he just decided to lay down and fell asleep instead. ugh!

Yesterday was fun- here is a pick from the Opening Day Ceremony. Sorry to bore yu with all the T Ball pics butthat's what we have been busy with this past week :)

oh! How do you like the new banner? I did it all by myself!!!

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michelle said...

that is WAAAYY cool! and you aren't boring us w/ the tball.. i love that stuff

background-image: url(http://i263.photobucket.com/albums/ii139/JessicaNole/JenniferPebbles_2ps_ChocolateWood.jpg); background-attachment: fixed }