Mar 31, 2009

today is the day we clean our dry erase calendar

it doesn't seem like such a big deal

but this month i am excited about this event!

we will be focusing

a lot more on simplifying our lives

and focusing on things that are personally fulfilling.

i really believe that this will give us more free time to

do more of the things we enjoy.

And to live healthier, happier lives!

April 1 is going to be a clean slate!

(love those beautiful brown eyes!)

(this would be the "get that camera away from me, mom!" look)

(a true sign of great weather!)


Mar 30, 2009

have you heard what tomorrow is?

i am so excited!!!

be sure to visit the gcd studios blog for some fabulous giveaways!!

Mar 24, 2009

i have a child who likes to eat day and night

this particular child is very lean and healthy

but i worry that eating an entire bag of chips ahoy could

lead her into some serious poor food choices.

so today i remembered back to when

ashley wren introduced me to bento.

i though, well, this could be a great way to

get my kids to LOVE eating healthy food. especially if they

are helping me with all the fun.

and it will possibly encourage me to enjoy being in the kitchen

a little more.

so here are a few pics of our

first bento experience- (we did after-school snack)

and no. this is not actually a bento box, but

we worked with what i could find at walmart for now.

and so what! it's so cute and colorful!

i would actually like boxes with more room at some point.

Jaden's (the dino box) had lucky charms and bananas

& monet (heart box) had carrots, ranch dip, green grapes,

and a chocolate chip high fiber granola bar.

i will give some of the fun recipes and have them

try some new foods, but for now,

i've decided to keep it to foods i know they enjoy!

i have to admit that i was a but concerned with the time

involved but actually it wasn't so bad

and i got to spend some great quality time with the kids in

the kitchen. it really only took about 10 minutes

and they didn't let me do very much!

if you haven't ever seen this flickr group- you must!!!

i know, i know, i am too old to play with my food.

but honestly, it is almost as good as scrappin!


Mar 20, 2009

lately, i've been browsing through

some papercrafting and scrapbooking

magazines i've saved.

i still have many from 2006 and some from 2007.

as i browse i see how much

the papercrafting/scrapbooking industry

has evolved in such a short time.

as i reflect on how much my own creative style has changed,

i can see how the techniques i have experimented with

and adopted as a part of my own personal scrapbooking style,

has become somewhat

tedious and time consuming and maybe to a beginner

scrapbooker, too complicated.


what types of techniques have you

been wanting to try
but haven't had

the time or motivation to just go for it?

Is there some techniques that at some point

you used all the time but have since moved beyond

and discovered new
ideas that you rely on?


this layout features crocheted flowers.

never before had i crocheted flowers

but i really wanted to give this a try.

i have very basic crocheting skills, taught to me

by my grandmother over 15 years ago.

i have only made a few blankets with granny squares,

so other than that i have not had any experience with

following crocheting patterns.

Basically, what i am saying is if you try it,

you will likely get it and become addicted!

i loved the way crocheted flowers add a touch

of color and texture, can be used

to layer other elements, and have such versatility.

you really can come up with your own patterns

once you have the beginning basics down!

and if you goof, you can always

pull out your stitches and try again!

that is how i executed this idea.

i started with googling "crocheted flowers".

after spending a short time

studying the basic terms and stitches

i grabbed my hook

and some embroidery floss

(you can absolutely use yarn as well)

and began to practice. most crocheting websites

provide you with very basic patterns.

here is one to get you started:

3 in1 flower

Also, crochet pattern central is an excellent

place to begin your search for the perfect flowers

to add to your projects!

before you know it, you will want to see

how far you can take this basic crocheted flower

idea, even farther!!

have an awesome weekend!!!


Mar 19, 2009

maybe it was the newest
sis tv webisode

or possibly just that tomorrow is the first

day of spring...

i've been spending my morning

sorting through clothes.

i'm using aby garvey's simplify 101 suggestions for purging

three question's to ask myself...

do you use it, do you need it, do you love it?

i'm beginning to swap winter clothes for summer

tossing my sons 5 & 6 sized clothes to make room for 7 & 8's

he's growing SO much!

last week i went through all my scrap supplies

and now have a pile to give away about a foot high

next i will move on to my daughters closet

and then my own. i have tons of button up tops that i

have been holding onto, just in case i find a job

i might need a dress shirt for

you know, to hold me over until i can buy a new work wardrobe.

but the reality is, i have not found employment

and truthfully, i don't know that i'd wear those tops.

they are definitely not up with the times.

i don't love them. i don't use them. and i don't need them.

it is a short school week, so we have an extra day at home to

get lots accomplished.

let's hope that everyone else is as motivated as me!

have a great thursday!!!


Mar 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day!!!

did you remember to wear green?

we took a few pictures today. the weather was

gorgeous and the sun was high, so i thought

what better time to take some new photos!

jaden was hammin' it up for me.

the other day i was trying to take a nice photo of him

and he kept giving me a cheese face.

you know, when they get all awkward in front

of the camera?

i think he was making up for that today!

the girls are pretty easy. someday

i should pull them one by one and

go crazy with the camera. (monet & her friends)

i am sure that they would love it!

they even dressed up in green for the occasion :)

i am so excited that tomorrow's forecast is looking

even better than today's!

we walked home from school and spent most of the after noon

outside playing.

i even had my first dd iced coffee this afternoon.

ahhh! good times!


Mar 16, 2009

happy mail- on it's way!!

i did a little shopping over the weekend

just happened to put a little extra away to do
some fun shopping

which i haven't done in a very long time.

first i went to
elle's studio.

they are giving a little treat away in each order-

i wonder what it could be!


i picked out
the 2009 calendar mini- brights

{which i plan to fill through the months}

chic note tags- brights

{fun yummy colors}

saltwater taffy journaling tags- set of 8

{more yummy colors}

and i am super excited about...

cut outs: my dear

{aren't they too cute for words?}

Then I headed over to the elle's studio etsy shop

where i found this stamp,

which comes as 5 separate pieces

and i feel so lucky because it was the last one!!


I also took a peek at the speckled egg

because their store is filled with some super cute vintage items.

i fell in love with their glass & plastic embellishments,

especially the plastic cuteness!

vintage plastic frame setting, one in each color

plastic owl beads in vintage white and vintage aqua

vintage lacy plastic beads in pink,

vintage tiny leaves,

for making more of those
gorgeous crocheted necklaces!

i am so excited to be the recipient of some

pretty little packages in the mail!

I made a card for my sister,

who's baby girl is
due any day now!

Mar 15, 2009

Spring is a very special time of year

when the animals come out of their long winters sleep.

the young ones might frolic in the meadows.

i wonder if they dream of the sweet air that comes every spring,

if they see the glorious colors of Gods canvas,

if they awaken from their slumber and it is all there,

real and alive.

i used lots of little dimensional stickers,

felt and buttons, rhinestones

and glitter rub ons to create the feel

of a blooming meadow, drawing attention to the

envelope containing the photos and journaling.

The journaling and photos are tucked into the envelope

Journaling reads:

Only as high as i reach can i grow,
only as far as i seek can i go.
only as deep as i look can i see,
only as much as i dream can i be.
~Karen Ravn~

Techniques used: stamping, heat embossing, and hand sewing the title

To create the deer accent

I played with stamping and heat embossing. I used the fluid chalk

on an acrylic stamp and impressed it

onto the white cardstock.

Next, I used an xacto knoife and

carefully cut out the deer from the image.

Then I went over the image with the stamp using versamark.

I sprinkled generously with clear embossing powder

and heated until it melted with a heat gun.

Last I cut the image using scalloped scissors and

attached a piece of a vintage music sheet with glue.

Last, I adhered using double sided foam tape.

To create the hand-stitched title I used

my computer monitor like a light box.

Open up a word program and type your word.

Resize as desired. Hold your layout up onto the monitor

and with pencil, lightly trace the letters.

This will help you to achieve evenly spaced and neat lettering.

Then I pierced holes over the lines I traced in even intervals,

being careful not to pierce the paper too closely

so that the paper doesn't tear.

Once I stitched through all of the pierce holes

I reinforced the back of the LO with tape.

happy creating!!


Mar 14, 2009


today was the day my two guys have been waiting for...

the pack 101 pinewood derby

last night we put the finishing touches on

the car.

he didn't win, but he came in 2nd place for his den.

i have to say that we gave it

a good try for being first-timers!

some of these guys are pros!

we learned a lot, so next year

we can think more about how the car is designed

and how we balance the weight and

set the wheels.

from what i hear, that is the trick.

it was a good morning. all smiling faces.

even for all the boys whose cars didn't win

a prize. it was fun to see how creative some

of the scouts were.

i didn't take pics of all of the cars, but one

of the boys made an itouch. that was my favorite.

it was very cool. there was also a bakugan (sp?)

and a police car. and even a tech deck!

good times!


Mar 13, 2009


i've never been one to submit my work

for magazines or design teams.

but i have to say that after 7 years of scrapping and

learning that scrapbooking is not just a hobby for me,

but a part of my life and who i am

has made me realize that i could take this

a little bit further. I can share my work, the

creations i love to make, with others who love

scrapping as much as i do.

this week i applied to the

gcd studios (a new manufacturer) design team,

if you haven't heard of them yet,

you can visit them at their new blog or

at the gcd studios website!

they have been holding giveaways and contests on the blog

if you want to try your chances at winning some of their

fabulous new designs (10 new lines).

i am so excited, my friends!

wish me luck!!!


i also submitted my project

for the spring green style star contest

over at sistv.

the work that has been submitted is so full of

spring happiness! go take a look!!


i would love it if you could also wish

my little man, jaden some luck!


is his very first pinewood derby race!!!

i just put the finishing touches on his car

(i will share pics of that tomorrow)

flames and goblins

maybe we should call it the speed demon.

all the the finish line!!!

have a fabulous weekend!


Mar 10, 2009

i love, love, love this little boy,

who happens to be my long time friend's son

i have been watching him for the

past two days, and so

i decided it was time to snap a few pics of him

and to my surprise, he is quite the little ham in

front of the camera!

in other news, i have been busy making a necklace

which my daughter has claimed as her own.

it fit around her neck, so

i suppose it was meant to be!

i was inspired by the

necklaces found here.

i just made mine a simpler version!

i am pretty sure that she is feeling like a total diva!


Mar 5, 2009

new bits, old bits, and vintage bits.

all put together makes me so happy.

i love using up some old things i
have had

for way too long

and finding new cute things like the

deer and mushroom from

kitschy digitals

and then putting them all together

the pj's, yep. i had to do a page about my best boy in his pj's.

he loves to hang out around the house in them.

and who could resist taking pictures of him

in all of his mario brothers


little miss multi talented

i live vicariously through her

all the things i didn't get to do
as a kid

i want her to experience it all

not only is she willing to try new things

but she's so willing to learn and has so much
fun doing it!

this page has a little story behind it

the kids both wanted an electric scooter

but neither of them had enough money to buy it.

we thought it would be a great thing

for them to really work for

but we figured up the numbers

and learned it would take months,

even a year or two
for them to earn enough

to purchase their

own scooters
with their own money.

birthdays came and they were each given amounts of money,

that not even i have ever been

as birthday gifts {lucky kids}

we came up with the idea

that they could put their money together

to purchase the scooter
but they would each hold

50/50 ownership
of the electric scooter.

that meant, no arguing over who goes first...

not fighting about who's been on longer...

making sure it is charged for the next persons turn...

making sure to put it away because these babies

are a hot commodity around here.

so these 2 luckies have themselves a pretty cool ride

because they put their heads together

and came to a mutual agreement

and have shown great responsibility.

so all in all, a wish come true, for each of us!

i will have to make more layouts about this subject-

it's proven to be a real milestone!

i also made a thank you card

for my friend sheryl.

sheryl has shown such kindness,

i can't even begin

to thank her enough

lots of scrapping happened

this past weekend.

i was stuffed up and sneezing

and feeling

quite miserable.

i'm so happy i finally was able

to sit down to create!

have a great weekend!

i hope that the hopes of spring

brings you some sunshine!!



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