Mar 13, 2009


i've never been one to submit my work

for magazines or design teams.

but i have to say that after 7 years of scrapping and

learning that scrapbooking is not just a hobby for me,

but a part of my life and who i am

has made me realize that i could take this

a little bit further. I can share my work, the

creations i love to make, with others who love

scrapping as much as i do.

this week i applied to the

gcd studios (a new manufacturer) design team,

if you haven't heard of them yet,

you can visit them at their new blog or

at the gcd studios website!

they have been holding giveaways and contests on the blog

if you want to try your chances at winning some of their

fabulous new designs (10 new lines).

i am so excited, my friends!

wish me luck!!!


i also submitted my project

for the spring green style star contest

over at sistv.

the work that has been submitted is so full of

spring happiness! go take a look!!


i would love it if you could also wish

my little man, jaden some luck!


is his very first pinewood derby race!!!

i just put the finishing touches on his car

(i will share pics of that tomorrow)

flames and goblins

maybe we should call it the speed demon.

all the the finish line!!!

have a fabulous weekend!


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