Mar 10, 2009

i love, love, love this little boy,

who happens to be my long time friend's son

i have been watching him for the

past two days, and so

i decided it was time to snap a few pics of him

and to my surprise, he is quite the little ham in

front of the camera!

in other news, i have been busy making a necklace

which my daughter has claimed as her own.

it fit around her neck, so

i suppose it was meant to be!

i was inspired by the

necklaces found here.

i just made mine a simpler version!

i am pretty sure that she is feeling like a total diva!



Stephanie said...

Get yourself a mixer! You will never regret it :)

Sweet pictures!

Amber Zimmerman said...

what an adorable necklace! You are talented. Love your blog design. =)

Anonymous said...

He is a doll! I love that necklace :) And hope you are enjoying your camera!

pakosta said...

he is so cute and she is a TOTAL DIVA LOL!
thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!!!
I am happy to know I can inspire! keep going!!!!!

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