Mar 5, 2009

new bits, old bits, and vintage bits.

all put together makes me so happy.

i love using up some old things i
have had

for way too long

and finding new cute things like the

deer and mushroom from

kitschy digitals

and then putting them all together

the pj's, yep. i had to do a page about my best boy in his pj's.

he loves to hang out around the house in them.

and who could resist taking pictures of him

in all of his mario brothers


little miss multi talented

i live vicariously through her

all the things i didn't get to do
as a kid

i want her to experience it all

not only is she willing to try new things

but she's so willing to learn and has so much
fun doing it!

this page has a little story behind it

the kids both wanted an electric scooter

but neither of them had enough money to buy it.

we thought it would be a great thing

for them to really work for

but we figured up the numbers

and learned it would take months,

even a year or two
for them to earn enough

to purchase their

own scooters
with their own money.

birthdays came and they were each given amounts of money,

that not even i have ever been

as birthday gifts {lucky kids}

we came up with the idea

that they could put their money together

to purchase the scooter
but they would each hold

50/50 ownership
of the electric scooter.

that meant, no arguing over who goes first...

not fighting about who's been on longer...

making sure it is charged for the next persons turn...

making sure to put it away because these babies

are a hot commodity around here.

so these 2 luckies have themselves a pretty cool ride

because they put their heads together

and came to a mutual agreement

and have shown great responsibility.

so all in all, a wish come true, for each of us!

i will have to make more layouts about this subject-

it's proven to be a real milestone!

i also made a thank you card

for my friend sheryl.

sheryl has shown such kindness,

i can't even begin

to thank her enough

lots of scrapping happened

this past weekend.

i was stuffed up and sneezing

and feeling

quite miserable.

i'm so happy i finally was able

to sit down to create!

have a great weekend!

i hope that the hopes of spring

brings you some sunshine!!



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