Mar 14, 2009


today was the day my two guys have been waiting for...

the pack 101 pinewood derby

last night we put the finishing touches on

the car.

he didn't win, but he came in 2nd place for his den.

i have to say that we gave it

a good try for being first-timers!

some of these guys are pros!

we learned a lot, so next year

we can think more about how the car is designed

and how we balance the weight and

set the wheels.

from what i hear, that is the trick.

it was a good morning. all smiling faces.

even for all the boys whose cars didn't win

a prize. it was fun to see how creative some

of the scouts were.

i didn't take pics of all of the cars, but one

of the boys made an itouch. that was my favorite.

it was very cool. there was also a bakugan (sp?)

and a police car. and even a tech deck!

good times!


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