Mar 15, 2009

Spring is a very special time of year

when the animals come out of their long winters sleep.

the young ones might frolic in the meadows.

i wonder if they dream of the sweet air that comes every spring,

if they see the glorious colors of Gods canvas,

if they awaken from their slumber and it is all there,

real and alive.

i used lots of little dimensional stickers,

felt and buttons, rhinestones

and glitter rub ons to create the feel

of a blooming meadow, drawing attention to the

envelope containing the photos and journaling.

The journaling and photos are tucked into the envelope

Journaling reads:

Only as high as i reach can i grow,
only as far as i seek can i go.
only as deep as i look can i see,
only as much as i dream can i be.
~Karen Ravn~

Techniques used: stamping, heat embossing, and hand sewing the title

To create the deer accent

I played with stamping and heat embossing. I used the fluid chalk

on an acrylic stamp and impressed it

onto the white cardstock.

Next, I used an xacto knoife and

carefully cut out the deer from the image.

Then I went over the image with the stamp using versamark.

I sprinkled generously with clear embossing powder

and heated until it melted with a heat gun.

Last I cut the image using scalloped scissors and

attached a piece of a vintage music sheet with glue.

Last, I adhered using double sided foam tape.

To create the hand-stitched title I used

my computer monitor like a light box.

Open up a word program and type your word.

Resize as desired. Hold your layout up onto the monitor

and with pencil, lightly trace the letters.

This will help you to achieve evenly spaced and neat lettering.

Then I pierced holes over the lines I traced in even intervals,

being careful not to pierce the paper too closely

so that the paper doesn't tear.

Once I stitched through all of the pierce holes

I reinforced the back of the LO with tape.

happy creating!!


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Crystal said...

what an awesome tip on the "light box" I like the pages you put out the flowers and buttons are so fun.

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