Mar 16, 2009

happy mail- on it's way!!

i did a little shopping over the weekend

just happened to put a little extra away to do
some fun shopping

which i haven't done in a very long time.

first i went to
elle's studio.

they are giving a little treat away in each order-

i wonder what it could be!


i picked out
the 2009 calendar mini- brights

{which i plan to fill through the months}

chic note tags- brights

{fun yummy colors}

saltwater taffy journaling tags- set of 8

{more yummy colors}

and i am super excited about...

cut outs: my dear

{aren't they too cute for words?}

Then I headed over to the elle's studio etsy shop

where i found this stamp,

which comes as 5 separate pieces

and i feel so lucky because it was the last one!!


I also took a peek at the speckled egg

because their store is filled with some super cute vintage items.

i fell in love with their glass & plastic embellishments,

especially the plastic cuteness!

vintage plastic frame setting, one in each color

plastic owl beads in vintage white and vintage aqua

vintage lacy plastic beads in pink,

vintage tiny leaves,

for making more of those
gorgeous crocheted necklaces!

i am so excited to be the recipient of some

pretty little packages in the mail!

I made a card for my sister,

who's baby girl is
due any day now!


McMGrad89 said...

What a sweet card.

Annemarie (Mommyvictory)

Anonymous said...

Cute cute card! And I love Elles Studio! I have several things I cant bare to use! Etsy is so great for inspiration and shopping, but I find way too much I want!

sassymo said...

looks like you got some fab stuff this weekend. LOve the card.

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