Mar 17, 2009

happy st. patty's day!!!

did you remember to wear green?

we took a few pictures today. the weather was

gorgeous and the sun was high, so i thought

what better time to take some new photos!

jaden was hammin' it up for me.

the other day i was trying to take a nice photo of him

and he kept giving me a cheese face.

you know, when they get all awkward in front

of the camera?

i think he was making up for that today!

the girls are pretty easy. someday

i should pull them one by one and

go crazy with the camera. (monet & her friends)

i am sure that they would love it!

they even dressed up in green for the occasion :)

i am so excited that tomorrow's forecast is looking

even better than today's!

we walked home from school and spent most of the after noon

outside playing.

i even had my first dd iced coffee this afternoon.

ahhh! good times!


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