Mar 19, 2009

maybe it was the newest
sis tv webisode

or possibly just that tomorrow is the first

day of spring...

i've been spending my morning

sorting through clothes.

i'm using aby garvey's simplify 101 suggestions for purging

three question's to ask myself...

do you use it, do you need it, do you love it?

i'm beginning to swap winter clothes for summer

tossing my sons 5 & 6 sized clothes to make room for 7 & 8's

he's growing SO much!

last week i went through all my scrap supplies

and now have a pile to give away about a foot high

next i will move on to my daughters closet

and then my own. i have tons of button up tops that i

have been holding onto, just in case i find a job

i might need a dress shirt for

you know, to hold me over until i can buy a new work wardrobe.

but the reality is, i have not found employment

and truthfully, i don't know that i'd wear those tops.

they are definitely not up with the times.

i don't love them. i don't use them. and i don't need them.

it is a short school week, so we have an extra day at home to

get lots accomplished.

let's hope that everyone else is as motivated as me!

have a great thursday!!!


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