Mar 20, 2009

lately, i've been browsing through

some papercrafting and scrapbooking

magazines i've saved.

i still have many from 2006 and some from 2007.

as i browse i see how much

the papercrafting/scrapbooking industry

has evolved in such a short time.

as i reflect on how much my own creative style has changed,

i can see how the techniques i have experimented with

and adopted as a part of my own personal scrapbooking style,

has become somewhat

tedious and time consuming and maybe to a beginner

scrapbooker, too complicated.


what types of techniques have you

been wanting to try
but haven't had

the time or motivation to just go for it?

Is there some techniques that at some point

you used all the time but have since moved beyond

and discovered new
ideas that you rely on?


this layout features crocheted flowers.

never before had i crocheted flowers

but i really wanted to give this a try.

i have very basic crocheting skills, taught to me

by my grandmother over 15 years ago.

i have only made a few blankets with granny squares,

so other than that i have not had any experience with

following crocheting patterns.

Basically, what i am saying is if you try it,

you will likely get it and become addicted!

i loved the way crocheted flowers add a touch

of color and texture, can be used

to layer other elements, and have such versatility.

you really can come up with your own patterns

once you have the beginning basics down!

and if you goof, you can always

pull out your stitches and try again!

that is how i executed this idea.

i started with googling "crocheted flowers".

after spending a short time

studying the basic terms and stitches

i grabbed my hook

and some embroidery floss

(you can absolutely use yarn as well)

and began to practice. most crocheting websites

provide you with very basic patterns.

here is one to get you started:

3 in1 flower

Also, crochet pattern central is an excellent

place to begin your search for the perfect flowers

to add to your projects!

before you know it, you will want to see

how far you can take this basic crocheted flower

idea, even farther!!

have an awesome weekend!!!



Laura said...

i just learned to crochet but i can't wait till i can do this!!! SO cute!!

deana said...

Such a GREAT LO & I'm lovin' your crocheted flowers! Soooo cute! :-)

milkcan said...

Sooooooo cool!

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