Mar 24, 2009

i have a child who likes to eat day and night

this particular child is very lean and healthy

but i worry that eating an entire bag of chips ahoy could

lead her into some serious poor food choices.

so today i remembered back to when

ashley wren introduced me to bento.

i though, well, this could be a great way to

get my kids to LOVE eating healthy food. especially if they

are helping me with all the fun.

and it will possibly encourage me to enjoy being in the kitchen

a little more.

so here are a few pics of our

first bento experience- (we did after-school snack)

and no. this is not actually a bento box, but

we worked with what i could find at walmart for now.

and so what! it's so cute and colorful!

i would actually like boxes with more room at some point.

Jaden's (the dino box) had lucky charms and bananas

& monet (heart box) had carrots, ranch dip, green grapes,

and a chocolate chip high fiber granola bar.

i will give some of the fun recipes and have them

try some new foods, but for now,

i've decided to keep it to foods i know they enjoy!

i have to admit that i was a but concerned with the time

involved but actually it wasn't so bad

and i got to spend some great quality time with the kids in

the kitchen. it really only took about 10 minutes

and they didn't let me do very much!

if you haven't ever seen this flickr group- you must!!!

i know, i know, i am too old to play with my food.

but honestly, it is almost as good as scrappin!


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