Apr 27, 2007

The Big Day!

This evening I took Jaden to meet his coach and to pick up his uniform. They were going to have their first T Ball practice but of course it rained. Earlier to day we went to the sporting goods store to pick out a glove. It's so cute. We got him a really good glove so he could catch the ball easily. It's nice and loose rather than stiff like the cheaper gloves. He is super excited about this glove so it was totally worth paying what we did. He also got a T Ball to practice at home with.
The uniforms are pretty nice. I was surprised that pants were included. I actually thought they'd be giving us just the hats and T Shirts. But the pants are black basic baseball uniform pants. Jaden looks absolutley cuter than words. I swear if he had blue eyes he'd look like a mini Jeter!!!
Hannford is the team- the grocery store that I am proud to shop at because they are the store that REALLY saves you money. I love my grocery store!

When we got home I had him try on all his gear and pose for the camera. Team pictures are tomorrow as well as the Opening Day Ceremony. 10:30 we have to be there so we will be getting to bed early for a weekend night and getting up early for a Saturday at the Nole family home.

Isn't he the cutest T Ball player ever!!!

Now on a mommy note: this is huge for me! This is so different than the dance, sleep-overs, gymnastics, barbie playing, dress-up, serious girly-girl stuff that I am used to. This is so new and exciting for me as a mom. My baby is playing T Ball. He looks like such a big boy in his unform. I am emotional. I am proud. I am totally just as excited as he is about this experience. I am sad at the same time though because my husband is going to miss most of this. Today he said he wished he could be there for all of this. That was hard to hear. I wish he had been there to take Jaden to the store to get his glove and pick up his uniform and meet the coach. Kevin wishes he had been there. And tomorrow- the big day, Opening Ceremomy...dad not there. This is hard. Pictures will be taken but for this, it's not the same as missing Halloween. This is like missing a graduation ceremony. Gosh. Dh played baseball growing up. It was a huge part of his childhood. Dh was a catcher and took so much pride in his position. I know this is hard for him which scares me a bit that he will become unhappy with his current job which involves being away most of the time.
So hear I am playing mom and dad through this. But I am one very proud mom. Jaden is a charm.

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sally hanna said...

aweee..he's such cutie! love those big brown eyes! i'm surrounded by them at my house! you'll be a good t-ball mom, and just wait til he gets his first 'big hit'!!!

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