Apr 27, 2007

Shop 'til You Drop!

Yesterday, after school, my friend called to ask if I wanted to head to The Christmas Tree Shop. I didn't expect to find much but leave it to me- we went shopping! I stopped in The Limited Too looking for sandals for Dd but instead found these adorable shorts in pop pink, this hat in pop pink, really cute footless leggings in pink with brown hearts and a black rhinestone bracelet with a pretty black bow on it.
I didn't realize the price of the shorts until we were about to check out. Seriously, I was not thinking- I assumed they were about $25 but when I looked at the tag it said $36.50!! I almost had a heart attack. I had already said I would get them and now I was like, NO WAY!!! Well, this very, very nice lady gave up her 25% discount coupon for a friend after I asked her nicely if she had an extra. She totally saved my life! Over all I saved almost $17.00. I really would never ask someone but in this case I just coudn't justify this purchase unless I had a coupon. I am so glad that there are still nice people in this world- people who you don't even know, who are still lookin' out. So if this lady ever comes across my blog, which I somehow doubt she will, thank you so much again!

I found a new store to shop at. They aren't all that trendy but if you think about it, it's pretty close to your classic Old Navy look- and well their prices are so reasonable it would be silly not to go back there to shop. It's called Steve & Barry's University Sportswear. Mens jeans were 2 for $22!! I told my Dh that we would have to go back there to get him some new clothes. The jean shorts were the same price and the Polos were something like 2 for $12. How could you say no? I bought myself a pair of stretch jean gauchos that fit so perfectly, a zip-up hoodie (brown with a pretty orange design on the shoulder), a ribbed tank top with...get this... the cutest birds all over it! And a tshirt (navy blue with bright colored flowers) The Tshirts were 3 for about $20. Seriosuly...dude- who could say no?

So that was all after The Christmas Tree Shop. There I got a new post bound album- purple linen covered for $3.99!!!! I found a sweet bird cage- always wanted one never could justify paying $30 for one, found it for $12.99! Yup that's right. Cheap and beautiful. If you know where I can find a beautiful faux bird to put in there, let me know, link me up, whatevas. I also got two sets of new paint brushes for $1.99 each. I doubt they are the quality I would like to have but the way I am about rinsing brushes, 2 bucks is great. And that's why I bought 2 packs, lol. And last I picked up this cute sign for over one of my windows in the living room.

Tonight is Ds's first T ball practice. If it's raining we will just meet to get the uniforms and we have to run to walmart for a glove. I totally forgot to get a glove. Hopefully there are some left. If not, we will have to order one online. Tomorrow we meet for pictures. Now that is going to be too cute! I will have to try to sneak a few of my own too.

So now that I have finished totally blabbing my mouth about all of my bad money spending, have a great weekend!


Marie said...

Dang girl u know where the deals are at! I need to take some pointers from you. That is a great bird cage...But i hate to tell u i got those brushes at my dollar store. If i see anymore ill pick u up a pack. I used mine and they arent to bad quality. Just so u can have 3 lmao! Those clothes are very cool! Love the hoodie the most! I love to shop.

Dana said...

WOW, You got some good stuff!

miss morgan... said...

those shirts and that hat are too cute! i would prob wear them if i had the legs, haha. i can't wait until i have a little girl to dress up! someday far away! haha.

and you know i need to find one of those shops for that bird shirt!

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