Apr 26, 2007

Tagged again...

by Miss Moxie

10 weird things about myself and then tag 7 people...

1) I choose what I want to eat according to whether or not I can put ranch dressing on it.

2) I obsessively check to see if anyone comments on my LO's.

3) I have nicknames for my two cats- Socks is Soxie Poo and Sheba is Beeba Boo. The crazy thing is that they respond!

4) I don't like having a cell phone but I do. Even though it's mostly turned off.

5) I smoke after I spend money.

6) I don't like to drink from plastic cups. Only glass.

7) Every morning the first thing I do is open all of the blinds. My dh can't stand it but it's not the beginning of the day for me until they are opened.

8) I never listen to voice mails- I think they are a waste of money.

9) I refuse to have an answering machine because if you leave a message I feel obligated to call you back- and I just might not want to! lol

10) I pick the grass out from in between the sidewalk cracks in front of my house. Dh says I look insane doing this but I can't resist pulling grass from places it shouldn't be growing. I need weed eater!!!

I tag the same people as I did in the last post... just to make it easier for all of us!


miss morgan... said...

haha, i sometimes decide what to eat dependant on what condiment i'm craving! like sandwiches because i'm craving vinegar and french fries because i'm craving ranch! haha.

Vee said...

i am obsessed too to see if people leave comments on my lo's
ranch is the bomb dressing :)

elizabeth said...

hey, i prefer a glass to plastic too!!!!!

great blog :)

Eminepala said...

LOL we are the same

Marie said...

Tagged again awesome! I like glass too no plastic for me.

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