Apr 26, 2007

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Here are 7 random things about me...

1. I have four younger siblings. One sister, three brothers.
2. I really do like it when my dh is traveling. I like to stay up late, watch my shows, browse blogs, and scrap late at night. I like to sit on the porch until it gets dark and make salads for dinner :)
3. I have more ideas than I know what to do with. Getting down on pape ris just as hard as executing the ideas onto paper!
4. I drink coffee from the day before. I can't see wasting half a pot of coffee and I reason that this is what microwaves are for!
5. I don't like to eat red meat. At one point I was vegan but dh cleaimed I was starving him so I learned to cook meat. My younger sister taught me!
6. I love to grocery shop. I don't set a tight budget. I love to have lots of food in the house!
7. I alternate kids sleeping in my bed, every other night, when dh isn't home. If I had a king size bed, I would le tthem both sleep with me.

Now I get to chose 7 friends!

Marie, Colleen, Ann Marie, Amanda, Michelle, Shelly, Jen Harrison

Have fun Girls!!! :D

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Marie said...

Woot i was tagged! Yipee! Girl my lil on still sleeps with me! Ok i wont say to much but its neat to read things about other ppl.

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