Apr 25, 2007

Our exciting week- so far!

Exciting for us anyways!
Tuesday was the last day for this session of swimming. After many, many sessions of lessons for both of my children, Dd finally made it to Level III. Needless to say Ds did not make it to Level II but he did get there once before. Just I wasn't ready to let him swim without floaties. Gosh, not at just 4 years old. Maybe I degressed him a bit but I felt at the time I had to go with my gut. He will just have to take it more seriously or I swear we'll be going to swim lessons forever! We start up again on May 1st.

Dh stopped at home in between jobs today for all of a half hour. Just enough time to repack his suitcase give us hugs and run back out the door. The kids miss him. And I miss him.
T-ball starts supposedly this Friday. The first practice! I can't wait to take pics of this! Unfortunately the practice will take place indoors- in a gym so the lighting will probably be terrible but I will definitely take pics anyways This will be Ds's first time ever playing any kind of sport involving a ball and a bat. I shoud have bought him a T-ball set to practice. Maybe tomorrow I can pick one up and take him to the field to get the feel of what to do. The weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow too!

I have been working on something with my kit from SoML. I am using the BamPop papers from the kit. So far- amazing and I'm loving cutting up that paper :P
I think this project will take until over the weekend to finish but if I get done sooner, I promise to post up pics!

Yesterday I took Ds to the park with a few buddies from his school. I love that park-the kids love that park- it's really a great place to let your imagination run wild- One of those wooden parks and it's set just so the sun shines right over everything- excellent for taking photos!

If it is sun-shiney your way tomorrow, I hope you get to enjoy some of it!

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sara berry said...

Hey Jess...TAG...you're it! Check my blog if you haven't seen the fun facts post going around. Sara :)

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