Apr 22, 2007

Weekend Fun!

Some weekend photos I wanted to share.
I'm about to go back outside but thought I'd take a break from my hard life, sitting on the porch and drinking soda, to throw a few pics up!

DD's first time at the school pool jumping off the diving board! HUGE moment!

DD is serious about her jumping rope- ya know, with the movie Jump In and all- she's hooked!

Just like his Dad- so serious!

Seriously though- I did get to do ing som elaundry, ran the dishwasher, folded some clothes, and vaccumed the living and dining rooms. Plus the bathroom is partially cleaned. Not bad for a nice weekend! :P


michelle said...

girl, you were a lot more productive than I was...

Marie said...

Looks so very fun!! I love to swim!

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