Apr 7, 2007

Spring Breakin'

We are Spring Breakin' up in here! A few friends have popped in and my mom came to visit, scrapping, crafting and all that kind of fun. It's really nice to have someone to chat with while you are keeping busy. Having my mom around is great regardless.
I went out last night to shop for the kids and when I came home I found two baskets of laundry folded, dishes were washed, and she was cleaning my son's room! Rock on! I was so happy! And surprised!

So here is the fabulous layout I worked on last weekend but my dh had the camera. And a cute littl e box I altered so it would look cute in my daughters room.

I really love this swallow. I found it in a clearance bin at Walmart in the craft section. The MM trims I found at Big Lots. I used Basic Grey patterned paper and Tinkering Ink patterned paper. For the mat, I used a note card that I found in the office supply section at Walmart. I really liked the embossed dots around the edge and the color is beautiful.
My daughter is my inspiration.

The box is covered in colorbok patterned paper and a bit of lace I picked up at Joanne's and the button had to have fallen off of something I own. I used MM letter stickers on the inside cover and a book plate to give some dimension. Glue dots hold the plate in place.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!!! Hopefully warm weather will follow shortly after the weekend. It's not much of a Spring Break with all the cold! With the way it looks, I don't know if we'll get to blow bubbles even! Maybe indoors we will!
Tomorrow we are planning hot cocoa and Peeps! I must take pictures of our purple marshmallow peep bunnies floating in our mugs of hot cocoa! Mmmm! Sounds too prefect for a cold Easter Sunday!

Thanks for stopping by!


Colors of Me said...

Cute LO and gorgeous box!!!!

miss morgan... said...

i love that sparrow and have yet to make it to wal mart to scope out the bins! maybe it will still be there, though i doubt it! i'll have to hope that people around her have bad taste! haha.

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