Sep 3, 2007

monday, monday!!

I still have a terrible cough- passed it on to my hubby and together we are praying that the kids don't end up with it. School starts Wednesday!!! They are excited, we are excited, and then we are all a little sad all at the same time because summer vaca is at it's end.

I did a scrap area overhaul! The table I had to work at was WAY too small so I pulled out a larger tabletop I had been storing in the front closet. I had forgotten that I even had that! Anyhow, I tried to not move anything but of course the tabletop was too large to fit where I had the table riginally. So I moved everything around and what do you know? It looks great and all of my stuff in in order. Well, truthfully, it's not in order but I know where everything is! Maybe I will share pictures of that later because I am really loving how it feels in my space.

This weekend was productive in scrappy terms. I worked on three projects (maybe more, I'm working on my 1st coffee still), two which I will share now with you since I haven't taken photos of the others =)
The first is a box that I covered just for fun and well, to look nicer in my scrap area. I am using it to hold my small but growing ephemera stash. It makes me all kinds of happy to think of that box being full!

Here is a little detail of the posie. It's made with the instructions gigi made up over at OLW.
She's one fabulous flower maker so I had to try it out!

A little glitter and voila! Isn't she gorgeous!

This totally inspiring Fashionista is challenges SISters something fierce! Every Monday she is posting a new prompt for her FAVORITE MOMENTS Challenge.
Here is the First Challenge

The prompt for this Challenge is "What I Know"

Here is mine:

And a little detail of my journaling:

I spoke to my Pastor last night some more about starting the crops and classes. I worked on a project that I am hoping I will be able to teach before the season passes. I really love how it came out so I will take a picture in a few and share with you. I would love to hear your feedback, so please check back!

Have a wonderful Labor Day!

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michelle said...

these are great! i love your flower. will have to try one of those one day. hope you feel better

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