Sep 4, 2007


Arent' they so pretty! I am seriously rushing Fall but it is my very favorite season. Besides, I picked them up at the market for $2.99!

I am so excited. I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it (MLPA) at first but when I asked my friend Dany if she wanted to go, she was like "Heck Yeah!!!"

So we are there! October 6th all day! I can't wait to meet all of you who are going in person! THere are still spots open right now so if you are in the area, let breanne know in this thread.

I have a wonderful surprise for one lucky girl who will be there and I really can't wait to give it to her! Over at SIS I started a thread to see if anyone could guess who she is... You can play too!
Here is the print...
It's PERFECT!!! So I had to get it!

Here are the other projects I worked on over the weekend I said I'd post:

This is the project I want to do at my church. I hope that everyone enjoys- who doesn't love a cute garland?

This is a 6 X 12 I did with the August Poppy Ink Kit. I love the colors and they really worked great withthe photo.
I also wante dto share with you how I made the water look so cool- I used an acid wash filter I downloaded to photoshop. Acid wash makes water look so cool- almost lagoon-ish!

A littl ecloseup of the small cluster at the bottom of the page- cause I am lovin' all things glitter lately!

Tomorrow is the big day!!! Remind me to charge my batteries to take some 1st day piccies. My baby is off to Kindergarten and my daughter is heading to 4th grade. WOW!

I can't decide if I'm going to induldge in myself this first day or if I'm going to step to it and start applying for jobs....


michelle said...

your garland it the cutest! hope you enjoy your day!

shelly b said...

Is that Ms.Morgan? love all the LO's! you are rockin and totally wish I could join you guys!

MsGrace said...

super cool fun stuff!


Vee said...

mpla is going to be so much fun! :)

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