Aug 25, 2007

It's funny....

Sometimes I get irritated when my son holds onto my legs but then there are moments like in this photo that I rethink all of that and appreciate that this child loves everything about me and looks up to me in so many ways I can't even begin to list. It's momnets like these that I wish I could turn back the time and "re-do" every time he hung onto me and I told him to stop- and that I could have felt the same way I did the moment I took this photo.

The photo in this LO was teken when my neighbors peony bush was in full bloom. I actually think it bloomed fuller this year then any year before. It was breathtaking and I could smell the sweet fragrance even from where I live, across the street.

The 21st was my daughters 9th birthday? We didn't do anything big but the wishes came true! Her grandfather (my FIL) sent her money, which happened to be exactly enough for her to buy what she wanted.


miss morgan... said...

girl you are rocking the distressed flowers like woah! haha! love it!

shelly b said...

love the LO's! and so glad that your daughter got her so cool shoes. I kinda want a pair so I can wheel around school!

MsGrace said...

these are adorable. Love the distressed flowers!


michelle raMirez said...

those flowers are making me smile.

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