Aug 23, 2007

The past 3 days...

On the 20th I spoke with my Pastor about teaching scrapbooking classes and holding crops to help raise money for our building fund. I was so nervous to bring up the idea but I was thrilled when he agreed tht it was a great idea. He let me know that there were 2 ways we could do it- through Ministry with our outreach program or separate with me being the business owner. But he said that if one way doesn't work, the other should!
I have been running over ideas and the details in my mind and on paper/computer, making plans, and getting all giddy! This is so huge! And the best par tof it is I really feel that all of this has God's blessing.
We will have a meeting on Monday to discuss it all further so if you happen to think of it please pray for me!!!

Also, I have been working on a mini made from 4 paper bags. What a blast I have been having creating this mini. I think this will be my first project I teach because it's so simple, affordable, and FUN! There are many pics to follow but I must share with you =)

thanks for looking at my project!


{elke} said...

Holy moly, what a great album!!!! Wish I could take the class, I don't suppose you'll come over to Tallahassee? :)

Mara-May* said...

WOW! Just wow! Seriously!This was just the ninspo I needed to get my mind ticking again. Thank you so much for the well wishes over at my blog! Your so sweet! You have an amazing talent and what a blessing to be able to use it for the glory of God! Amazing! So happy you stopped by my place. Definitely bookmarking you chica! :)

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