Aug 20, 2007

going through and getting rid of the old and organizing the new...

That's what I've been up to. Like knee deep. I have put together 5 kits out of oldies but goodies. I can't believe how much I have that I never used. Lots was given to me from a friend who does work for manufacturers and lots I have purchased but never used. Some of it I had overflow of the same product And could never use it all. It all seemed like such a waste but now I am excited that I will make some of that money back to put toward new supplies and see how others can be creative.

The first kit I put together sold within 30 minutes of me putting it in the bag. The "It's Your Day!" Kit was made out of wacky paper that I would never have thought of using but it came out so stinkin' cute. My friend has dibs on that one! One is called Mother Love" made up from some GinX ans Sassafras Las papers. Two kits are for baby boy (sweet dreams) and baby girl (precious treasures). Totally cute!

"Sweet Dreams" Kit

"Precious Treasures" Kit {Sale Pending}

"Mother Love" Kit

Here is Kit # 5: It's Your Day! {Sale pending}

Now I am working on a mini tag book. I have the tags all cut and the reinforcement labels in place. Now I have to add all the bits of goodness and it will be set to package also!

The first day of school is just around the corner. I was putting off purchasing sneakers for my son until the very last minute. Mostly just to avaiod scuffs and wear & tear but low and behold, his sandals busted apart during his rough play. Dang it! So we ran off to Payless to pick out a pair of sneakers since he HAD to have shoes to wear for church and to havesshoes on his feet, besides! Can you believe my child didn't have a pair of shoes to hold him over one more week? The child seriously grew out of everything over the summer, last years sneaks included. I found the cutest pair of "slipper shoes" for my daughter while I was there. They are cheetah print with a sweet embroidered rose and rhinestones. BOGO- so I had to pick out a pair for her too!

We are still debating whether or not we are going to let her pick out Heelies for sneakers. I understand why she wants them- they are fun as heck. And she has been asking for them for months oo. But I just don't see how they can be supportive for Phys Ed activities. Of course I try to explain that to her, but you try explaining something like that to a 9 year old! Like, right over her head!

Off to create more kits!!
Have a wonderful day!

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