Jul 18, 2007

days later....

This is the fabulous package I received from Dotty! Yes ladies, that is a package of SIS TV Kelli Crowe Collection of "Window Shopping". That means I have two of each paper now!!! I won't feel so guilty for cutting it now =P

SoML has got to be the most awesome kit store on the planet. Seriously. For August, Sara is hookin' us up with some new BamPop!!! And those link necklaces with the plastic charms that hook on. Gawsh, I had one of those with tons of charms hanging of fit. Didn't those come in gumball machines or something? I can't believe she found those and they are so perfect for this 80's themed kit.

I also organized my new space yesterday. It took me a while to want to get in there and do it but wow, now that I did, it looks so much better. There is still a bit of stuff to figure out to make the space the way I would like it to be but what I have for now will do. Oh! That reminds me. At Goodwill I found stacking poly cubes, the kind that snap together, 2 rows, 3 cubes high, for just $15. I don't think they will last forever, but for now they will work great! So here are new pics of my space...

These are the new cubes. Not the *best* looking things in the world, but hey, they do the trick for now =D I seriously would much rather own an antique cabinet of some sort.

I swung the bookcase around so that all of my stuff wasn't exposed to the entire living room. Things get messy and I don't like to see it *all of the time*. It's all organized now. I even sorted the buttons =D

I really love this hanging wire fruit basket, so I had to incorporate it somehow into my scrap space. I tied bits of colorful ribbons to it and utilized it 1st basket is bling, 2nd basket is chipboard (some of it), 3rd basket is letters (except for the sticker variety)

This is the view from the living room. Not too shabby, is it? I am thinking of putting a table runner or some kind or a piece vintage linen over the shelf to hide the backing of the bookcase a bit. Also the fish tank is going to have to retreat to my sons bedroom I really like it there but I am so worried that one of the kids or a pet will knock it over onto all of my scrappy goodness. That would totally break my heart.

Have a Happy Hump Day =D


sally hanna said...

love your little space!
oh and i LOVE your red walls!!

Marie said...

Ohhh what great stuff! I love the kit next month i cant wait to get my hands on it! I totally had one of those too! I dont really remeber to much about it. I think i was maybe 7. LOl! Your space rocks!

amytangerine said...

love the rollerskate charm. i think i had that almost 2 decades ago!

shelly b said...

Well your scrap space is shaping up...looks good...love it when things are organized!

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