Jul 7, 2007


Yup, it's a good day. I have been chillin- even though I should be doing something productive. But hey, it's only one day and it's such a perfect day to just hang out and do nadda!

Some fun pics that my sis and I took the other day- actually, on the 4th. We hung out at my house and did pretty much nothing
'cept goof around and take silly pics of each other.
Theone of the cat is hil-friggen-arious!!! THat thing is baby jaguars house or something, from diego. Jaden thought it'd make a great hat for Socks but geez he looked so ridiculous we had to take a pic.

I got my SoML kit- WoW! AMAZING!!! I am so, so in lve with this kit and seriosuly can't wait to play!
Buttons galore- and the MR book is da bomb!!! oh, and the ribbon...TDF!


Marie said...

Those pics are very adorable! Love ur necklace and ur Dress or shirt?? Very cute!!! That cat is freakin funny as hell!!! Hahahahaha great pic.

michelle said...

very cute pictures!

shelly b said...

Great pics!!!

sally hanna said...

look at how beautiful you are!
crazy kitty!!

Vee said...

awesome pics!!

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