Jul 5, 2007

As Promised

It's been just over a week since we got Bo. So far things are going great! I am really surprised at how well he has adjusted. It is the cutest thing ever when he sits out on the porch with us and he watches the kids ride bikes up and down the street and whenever someone comes to say "hi", Bo likes to greet them too!

The Day before was Jaden's birthday. Here are a couple of funny photos that I took of him and the one and only thing that he asked for! What an easy kid to please!

Isn't that the funiest face you've seen all week? =)

Another fun thing going on here is that our neighbors put up a pool. Of course my kids aren't home much anymore, but that just means a clean house for me :)

I ordered my SoML kit and add-on and I am finally getting the Basic Grey Precision File set! Yippee!!! Check it out!

oh...and Happy 4th of July!!


Eminepala said...

What a gorgeous family you have there

Happy 4th... Mine was NOT happy at all :(

miss morgan... said...

seriously, i'm with emine. what a beautiful family!

shelly b said...

Your family is gorgeous!! And so is big Bo!!!

Marie said...

Awwwwwwwww he is soooo cool!!!

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