Jul 27, 2007

Once again...

DH left yesterday for Farmington, New Mexico. It has been a while since he's been on a trip. I really can't even remember the last place he was, he's been home for so long!

So many friends ask me if I like it when he leaves. My usual response is I am glad because for the past 2.5 years he has been traveling a lot for work and I feel that it has made our marraige stronger. It has made me stronger and him. We can get along with each other and we can get along without each other. Plus, it's nice to have a break from each other too. Especially when you are used to spending time apart and doing things your own way for so long.

The timing couldn't have been much better either. My friend is going to be man-less and (lucky her) childless for a whole week. So we are going to hang tight and experiment with a new project! I am very excited for this!

It is HOT outside!! I think I should get out there and clean the kids pool so they can take a dip this afternoon. About a week ago Jaden rode his bike past the pool and popped a nice hole in it. I finally got around to patching the hole last night. Now it needs to be scrubbed and refilled. We had so many cool days last week, I didn't feel so motivated. But now that it's so hot, I don't want to stand out there in the baking hot sun either. But for the kiddos, I'll do it =)

I'm off pour another cup of coffee and somehow muster up the energy to get moving today!
Have a great one!


shelly b said...

enjoy your girl time!

Monica and the team said...

hope you enjoyed your girl time - absence makes the heart grow fonder:D

Vee said...

enjoy your girl time :)

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