Aug 2, 2007

I like *lists*

But I promise I won't go list crazy and start making all kinds of list-ish blog posts or scrapping lists on every LO...

anyhow,last night I made up a new schedule. Ever since school finished for the sumer, we have been lost. We haven't been on any kind of schedule like we are when school is in session. What was the solution? Make a list. Now the kids have times for this and that- chores and playtime. I have a list to go by. And best of all, so does the hubby. I like the list because it gives us guidence - so we don't get lost in the day. So, YEAH for lists!!!

THIS rocks my world right now. I am hooked and it's only the first.

here's what I did for it:

I have been sewing. I don't usually enjoy sewing but the end result is making jess a very happy girl =)

this makes jess a happy girl too =)
Stacey Fike is the August Guest Desighner at SoML. She ROCKED the kit and makes me want to buy it so badly. Even though I am broke right now. I might pay a bill next week instead, just so I can get it before it possibly sells out.
Check Stacey's gallery over at SoML if you haven't. And then check out all the other designers galleries while you are at it! You will be SO INSPIRED!!!

DAREJACK still has me in serious create some great stuff mode...KC is up and it's gonna be killa!

some other stuff I have been meaning to get posted but hubs had the camera in new mexico and arizona

enjoy your weekend and stay cool!

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Vee said...

gorgeous layouts and your darejack is tight!! :)

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