Aug 4, 2007

my heart sings

This littl eboy makes myheart sing. He is such a happy, adventurous, imaginitive child. I am sitting here laughing at myselfbecuase it soumds like I am advertising him or something. But actually it jus that he makes me so proud. I can't believe he is five and will be starting kindergarten in just a few weeks. We are so excited. I know he is going to love it because he is so outgoing and smart.

Sweet as candy is the prefect way to describe my little girl. She has so many friends and it's really no wonde rbecause she is kind to others and is always giving and thinkin gin the interest of others before herself. She is muli-talented and isn't afraid to show off her skills to you. Dancing, singing, double-dutch are just a few of the many things she loves to do.


shelly b said...

They are both too cute!!

Scrapdragons said...

really should be proud!


*fauve* said...

Such beautiful children wowie!!

Vee said...

they are gorgeous children! :)

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