Apr 13, 2009

easter sunday 2009

kev and i woke up before the kids.
i may have been a tad more excited than the kids
actually, they were both in monet bedroom
watching cartoons.
they claimed they hadn't even peeked
at what the easter bunny had brought!

i fixed coffee and pulled myself together
woke up kev and then called the kids into the dining room.

what happened next?

the family gathered together at the table.
the kids opened up their goodies.
ate candy, bit into hollow chocolate bunnies
spilled jelly bellies onto the floor.
shooed the dog away because he couldn't keep his gigantic
nose away from the smell of chocolate and peeps,
played easter themed games, blew bubbles, played tennis
ate more jelly bellies, chocolate, and peeps

and then we headed to church promptly at 10 am
no egg hunt though. do you think they were deprived of the
traditional hunt?
i just really didn't feel up to it.
we have really outdone ourselves with this holiday and truthfully,
i was just plain worn out. i did not feel like hiding eggs.

maybe next year?
maybe not. there are many to be snacked upon and
if you look on the bright side, there will be no stray
hard boiled eggs to be discovered
a week down the road. you know, the one that
no one could remember where it was hidden and the one
that no one could find?

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