Apr 1, 2009

i'm normally not much of a morning person.

it takes me a while to wake up and i must

have my coffee first. First meaning

before i actually talk to anyone.

but this morning was very different.

i got my behind out of bed earlier than usual. had my coffee.

and worked out.

what a burst of energy!!!

April Fools

when i woke jaden up, a great idea to play a joke

poppe dinto my head. yes, he was easy bait.

but never have i been able to get over on anyone like this before!

Me: Jaden, wake up! it's your birthday!

Jaden: huh? it's my birthday?

It's already june?

Me: yeah! wake up! All your friends are here for your party!

Jaden: they are?

and then he hurried out of his bed into my arms and

i squeezed him laughing out loud


Tonight a not so funny joke was played by monet

on jaden. poor guy!

we were at his cub scouts den meeting.

tonight we were sharing our collecitons.

jaden comes to me with a very concerned look.

he says, "mom, monet took my binder

with all my pokemon cards

and went into the girls bathroom!"

so i went to find her and there she was

with the binder in one hand

and in the other hand,

an entire 3 inch stack of his cards pulled out of the pockets.

that was not so much an april fools joke

but more of a "i'm gonna get you for______ kind of joke".

happy april 1!

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