Apr 5, 2009

last weekend i took part in f-girl, angie backen's game

"you LIFT me up" over at scrap in style tv.

the idea was to "lift" a LO from the gallery by

a number chosen by the previous poster in the games thread in the

sis tv forums.

my layout was inspired by shadesofbliss, little man LO.

my children

sadly, i didn't get to play this weekend

but i will definitely try to play again next weekend if angie

decides to. regardless, this is such a fun game

so if you find yourself stuck in a scrappy rut,

hop on over to sistv and join in!

what we did do this weekend was a super special treat!

after seeing the new rice krispy cereal commercial with the

easter egg dippers, i knew a run to the grocery store was

in order. i had to make these with the kids.

you can find the recipe at www.ricekrispies.com.

we made ours pretty much the same as the recipe calls,

except we added sprinkles to the chocolate dipped

part of the egg. also, rather than trying to shape the

treats into eggs, i used some old egg shaped jello molds.

this was the first time i have ever actually used those things

since we almost never eat jello! i am certainly glad

that now i have a good reason for keeping

those molds around for so long!

maybe tomorrow i will add a photo. we have had nothing but

gloom here in NY for the past few days.

hopefully the sun will makes it appearance again tomorrow.

have a fabulous week!!

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