Apr 9, 2009

and so tomorrow begins our spring break

there will be butterflies

fluttering about the blooming daffodils and

deep thick green grass to lay in as we watch

the clouds go by, naming each one

by species. there will be picnics and

fruity drinks and peanut butter & honey sandwhiches

mommy and daddy and daughter and son

enjoying the warn sun kissing our faces


ok, ok, really, this is what we will be doing because

we are certainly not perfect and it is defintely not warm enough

to lay in the grass. in fact, we have had snow flurries

here the past three days!

but one can dream, right!


whipping up some more of those

oh so yummy rice krispy easter egg dippers

the obvious, blowing yolks and decorating with rub ons

boiling eggs and coloring and glittering

eating plenty of chocolate

decorating the sidewalks with a rainbow of colors

stasying up late

sleeping in late

lots of crafty business

summer clothes shopping

bike riding

bakugan playing

and of course, the spring cleaning continues


right now i am reading a wonderful magazine called wondertime

the reason i share this is because i just finished reading

a wonderful little article called "No Webkins? No way!"

it describes the most wonderful game to play with your

littles that goes something like this...

(i will use my own example here)

your child pics a word as a topic, say bubbles

you describe how that word reminds you of a childhood experience

of your own. you can use this word to open up a discussion

about your own childhood.

the actual purpose is to let your child have the comfort

of knowing that you were a kid too and that you

have been down that road before.

you know, because sometimes i think our children

might think that we have

alwys been grown ups! hehehe!

but the word your child chooses can also become a great way to open

up dialogue about issues such as trouble with friends

or anything they may be having a tough time with. Isn't that

such a great opportunity to bring

up a topic without it being confrontational or too pushy?

my second thought was that this game could be a super journaling aid!

you could even use the word as your title!

i think i am going to have to give this a try myself this weekend!

til then...

have a happy easter!



amy said...

enjoy your break!

Kate said...

Hope you have a lovely Ester break! Butterflies or no!

Audrey said...

sounds like a fun little activity -- my girls always enjoy hearing stories from when I was little. Have a great spring break!

Jody said...

What a beautifully written blog post, I may just do that activity with my own little one over this break...thanks for the inspiration :)

shimelle said...

oooh, i think both your reality and your daydreams sound pretty lovely and spring-like...except maybe the snow!
hope you have a beautiful week filled with happiness and rice krispies! (okay, i am officially hungry now!)

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