May 3, 2007

I'm a Busy Bee

This week is a bit on the crazy side.
Dh suprised me by coming home early. I see this car in the driveway and I'm wondering "who the heck?" then I see his big smile and realized it was him. He was driving a rental car for work. I didn't want to let him in because the table was a huge scrappy mess.
We had swimming on Thursday so that took up half of the evening. Getting Dh settled and the kids with their homework, dinner, bedtime routine, and all the little extras in between clearly had me exhausted. I went to be early at 9:30. I think I missed Grey's!!! Good thing I DVR it every week, just in case.

Yesterday was beautiful. The kids played outside for a while and I had a doctors appt.
My Doc hooked me up with a script for a new quit smoking pill that I am going to fill today!!! Just to let yu kow, I might be a bit whiney and need some love and support. I am going to do this!! Plus she said it helps take away the urge.
That same morning I felt like a total ass sitting on my porch, puffin' away as this 60-ish year old guy comes walking past as he always does for his morning walk. So I thought to myself, "I want to be in his shoes" I want to be able to take a nice walk in the morning like that and I want to feel and look great. So enough of looking like an ass with a cigarette in my hand- I am going to replace that habit with something that is good for my body. Maybe a morning walk around the block.

Another busy day. We ordered fish fry for dinner because with all of the things we did that day I did not feel like cooking or unloading and loading the dishwasher. I swore that once I owned a dishwasher I would never leave dirty dishes in the sink but reality has proven that it's no easier to have a dishwasher than it was when I was the dishwasher. Unloading clean dishes seems to take me 2 days. Anyhow, the fish was great- like butta!

I went out to my friend Jen's house to scrap for a few hours after my appointment. If you haven't seen the love that Zsiage shows to ther Dt members I have got to tell you! They sent Jen so much stuff, not just from them but from their sister companies too. She said that they send about 50 packages over a months time plus surprises to follow! Did you know that they have a huge selection of white chipboard and scrapbook film alphastructures in different sizes and fonts? WOW! I couldn't believe my envious eyes!
Here is what I worked on at Jen's house. I was super *PRODUCTIVE* which is something that almost never happens when I scrap anywhere other than my own house!

The PP is Scenic Route and so are the arrows. I used a birdie cut from the BamPop PP from my SoML Kit. Jen hooked me up with the butterfly and the idea for the thought bubble which I drew freehand with this awesome pen that puffs up when it dries.

PS: Yeah For ME!!!

I finally have a 6 month sub to Poppy Ink Kits! I will begin getting my its next month! I am so, so excited about this! I will still continue to get the SoML kits because SoML is fabulouso and that's home and home is where the heart is! Hey, this girl likes to have lots of goods and the more goods, the merrier I will be! Plus that means I will have extras to spare for upcoming RAK's which I have really been wanting to do for some time now to share the love with you. So keep checking back and you never know- I will more than likely have something available very soon. I can only handle so much and I have limited scrap storage space besides.

PSS: I am still insisting that if you haven't checked out the SoML kits you should take a peek!

No new pics of the kids ATM but I am sure I will have more soon. I have got to show you the crazy silly face my DD makes when she's doing the breast stroke at her swimming class. I sewar she's as far from being a fish as a person can be. Every time I look at her I giggle!

Have a Happy Thursday!!!


Eminepala said...

Love your layout... It's really stylish ... Yay for you ;)


Penny said...

Your layout is so fun an colorful! And welcome to Poppy Ink! I don't get as much time to scrap with mine now, but I just can't let it go!

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