May 1, 2007

Seriously Dude...

If you haven't been over to SoML yet to order a kit- you are missing out on some great goods! I have no self-control. None what-so-ever and I'm sure Sara loves me for it! lmao.

I got everything that is new- the add-on, the bird stamp, the main kit, of course, the MME bohemia chipboard which is all from the May kit not sold out And I also bought the Imagination Project Super Steno Coasters from the April Kit which are sold out again!!! But don't fret because there is still the "Did you get the memo" Coasters!

The kit and add-on are to die for! Now get over to Story of My Life and order yourself some "Story of the Lonely Sea" goodness!!! :D

night all...I am exhausted from all this excitement!


*~*Amber*~* said...

u go girl!!!! so awesome isn't it? Just wait til you get ur hands on it! U won't wanna stop... i didn't!!! haha

mIchelle rAmirez said...

it is a cool kit huh?
trying to have use some restraint but its hard come the first of the month with all the goodies out there.
enjoy and excited to see what you create up.

miss morgan... said...

i was pretty well behaved, okay no i wasn't but dear lord, how could you be? this kit is amazing, so different and exciting!

kimonchan said...

welcome to my blog

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