May 9, 2007


Yesterday I took my son outside to play after school. He rode his bike for a bit until he flew over the handlbars and thank God he only scraped his elbow a bit. He was such a tough guy. After we cleaned it up and put a Mater (from cars) bandage on it we decided that we would chill out and blow bubbles- well, he would blow bubbles and I would take some pictures. lol

I think that this afternoon illbe great for getting into my SoML kit and addon. I haven't even begun to create anything yet. I am strapped for time lately and it's killing me. I keep thinkign aboutwhat I want to make and the challenges I want to participate in- and of course my Circle Journal that I have yet to start.

Saturday is my 28th birthday too! My mom is coming over to visit. I am supposed to go out to eat with a friend for dinner AND my mom is going to babysit the kids so I can go out with some girlfriends. I can't hardly remember the last time I went out with a few friends, it's been that long!
Jaden has his first T Ball game on Saturday afternoon too! I am so excited but really, it's going to be pretty laid back because only like two kids on the team have a clue!
Yesterday at their practice it was so funny because while one kid was batting, the rest were playing in the sand with their mits at the pitchers' mound! Participation, huh? lol
Sunday is Mother's Day and I have already made up my mind that if I dont' get to finish up any projects, I will be doing just that on Sunday. Maybe it will rain so I can sit at the table and scrap all day without the kids bugging me to sit outside withthem so they can ride bikes! That sounds so mean but it does get old sitting out there when I have so much I can do inside! But that's what having kids is about- putting oyurself aside much of the time to make them happy! So yeah, I am hoping for a bit of rain so that I can play!

Swiming is going great too. On Thursday Jaden is going to try swiming without the floaties. Last summer he was swimming on his own and was doing well. But with the winter and no practice for a while he degressed a bit. I am excited abotu this because it would be great to se ehim making progress again. Hopefully it's a matter of him just taking advantage of the floating device and will remember how to use his arms and legs to swim on his own. We shallsee!
Monet nowlearnign different strokes and is fully swimming on her own.
After about 5 seeions each we are finally seeing a huge difference in their progress with the swimming lessons. Hopefuuly they will be swimming on their own by summer that we can join the country club pool!

Have a great day everyone! The sun is shining bright here!


Barbara said...

Your son is such a cutie =)

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...

your son is such a handsome little man....and those are lovely photos.

michelle said...

great shots of your son! i must get my son back into a sport this summer - playstation is not going to cut it! anyways have a great moms day and birthday!
taureans rule!

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