May 10, 2007

Little boys are irresistable

to photograph!

Seriously, I need to get more good photos of my daughter though.
Today I am babysitting for my very good friend from High School. Her little boy is here with me now and this afternoon I'll have her daughter and my little guy too! This baby is such a good boy. He is playing with a few of Jaden's toys and I don't know if he actually cries because I haven't heard more than a whimper!
I see the challenge in getting good photographs of one year olds now! They don't stay still at all - so I think every photo has a bit of blur. Oh well, I'm an amateur and I don't think anyone expects professional looking pics from me- but I like to practice and I like to share so I gave it a go anyhow!

These are some photos I took of Jaden after he was riding his bike yesterday afternoon. They would have been awesome if he would have taken his helmet off but when I asked him to take it off, I found out I had no chance of that happening!
Here are a few of the many moods of Jaden!

Thanks for looking! :D And have a great day!


Penny said...

Those sure are cute photos. I just love the one of the tongue sticking out.

Eminepala said...

AW what a cute photo's... especially the first 2... You need to scrap them girl.. AWESOME ;)


Aimee said...

the pics are cute even with the helmet :) and his shirt is adorable!

Little Lulu (aka Laurie Dagg-Labine) said...

These are really handsome boys...i just want to scrunch that little ones face...hhhggerrrr)..I love little boys too...they are super fun to photograph.

Trina said...

Great photos! Little Boys are the sweetest... I'm partial, I just had mine 6 weeks ago!

Vee said...

awesome pics!!

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