May 10, 2007

Art Show

Tonight I was honored to be surrounded by so much talent and enthusiasm.
I took the kids with a friend of mine to view some artwork created by the high school students. There was one girl in particular whos work stood out to me each time I came across one of her pieces. It was funny because every piece that I immediately loved, it was hers. She had the skeleton with flowers, the cupcake, the cards, plus a few others that I did not get to photograph. I did get chance to meet her mother and a guest which was a pleasure. I know it made her mom proud to hear so many people commenting on her daughters talent. That had to be so cool for her.

So here is the link to the slideshow. I hope this baby works!

High School Art Show

The kids had their face painted too! The girl who is painting their faces is my friends sitter. Her name is Luz and her work was showcased also.


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Eminepala said...

aw yeah... really cool artwork over there ;)

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