May 19, 2007

If you haven't heard by now...

The stamp shop over at Poppy Ink will be open tomorrow night- that's May 20th at 10 MST; 12 EST...
So I let you all know because Heather Burch creates the hottest stamps! Just do me a favor and save me a stem with leaves and the cuckoo clock. That's all I ask, my friends!

I have been creating almost all day. That's about what it takes for me to finish one LO. I hardly ever complete one in less than a day. I think I am getting tedious on this one but I just can't help it. I will post a pic tomorrow when the sun is out.
Tomorrow looks like it'll be another great day for scrapping. It's been rainy & cool here for the past few days so the kids haven't wanted to play outside. This one is for Lu's May Designer Challenge for Story of My Life.

Yesterday Dh bought his new/used car. He looks way to cute driving an Audi. I think I might have to take over that car and make him drive the Explorer. Trucks ARE for guys, right?

As soon as I'm done with this LO I want to start playing with my Poppy Ink May kit. It is so stinkin' cute- I love the colors and the papers are the best to make something really special for my daughter. I'm really thinking about doing a banner like the SPROUT banner but for her bedroom. Maybe it should say her name. That's what she said she wants & she seems pretty excited about that.

Tonight we rented happy feet from movies on demand and the dang thing keep skipping. Do you think they' will give us a break on it. I stopped watching it because it's getting annoying with all the skipping. Ah well. It was $4 which beats going to Blockbuster right now in the rain.

My hubbies best friend is getting married SHORT NOTICE and Dh is the best man. So that means that we have to plan a bachelors party on two weeks! Tell me that we can make this happen! Please!

Where do you find strippers on such short notice? lmao!!! And I have to have cards made to sell for admission to cover the strippers and we have to buy tons of beer and food. Oh my goodness I think we will spend a whole week of pay on this. I hope we can pull it off.
The short notice is because the bride-to-be's parents are flying in from Poland and so they decided to get married while they are here rather than making all of us fly to Poland. I have to say that either way they did it, it would have been tricky for us and probably everyone attending.

So I have to pick out a bridal shower gift for the Bride-to-be. I don't know her REAL well because she is shy about her english- even though she probably speaks better english than me. She is Catholic and 100% Polish, well-educated and seems to hold herself to pretty high standards- except her choice in men LOL!!! So, no explicit toys and I'm even iffy about lingerie. What about a new robe (White terry) and a baskiet of pretties from Bath & Body Works? The shower is on June 10th so I don't think I would have time to have her initials embroidered. But that would have been the perfect touch. Who wouldn't want a new robe and some yummy lotions?

ok, ok...I'll stop rambling now. Any idea are mucho appreciated!


micayla said...

The robe and the goodies sound like a fab-u idea. I would be super happy with that! Why not also make her an altered journal so she can record her feeling about the run up to the wedding.

shelly b said...

I say always go the tasteful route when buying stuff for those parties. I think the robe, etc. sounds good.

Vee said...

i totally missed the shop
i wanted the clock too
maybe next time :)

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