May 17, 2007

Grey's - spoilers ahead!!!

Tonight was revealing.

I really never liked Chirstina and Burke's relationship. I never thought he quite loved her for HER. It seemed as if he expected her to conform to his ways.
I have this thing that I like to tell my husband when he forgets about what it means to be yourself- "Love me and love my imperfections".
If you can't love everything about a person, or at least learn to love even the things that annoy you, then is it right? Can it ever work? Could it work, really work?

Izzy needs to fall in love with a man who has no other agenda. Seriously. I feel bad for her for always getting her heart broken and it isn't her fault but she needs to be careful about who she falls for. Not that you can actually tell in any given moment who you will fall in love with. But I just felt the need to say that. I hate seeing the same person suffering heartbreak over and over again.

Calli is just getting all the good stuff. I don't mind. But I was really not expecting her to get Chief of Surgery. And I most certianly never expected her to be wanting to have a baby so soon after getting married. Ah well, whatever floats her boat. But who knows, Chief and having a baby. Talk about getting no sleep!!!

Meredith. WTF is her problem? Just when she gets the hottie McHottie McDreamy she walks away fom him right after he tells her that he needs her to stop doing that? WTF? She gives truth to the saying" You don't know what ya got til it's gone".
I can tell you right now that if I had man that kind, that hot, and that smart and successful- I would nevah walk away from that. Oh no way!

New interns? I don't know if I could love anyone else more than I love the current cast of Grey's anatomy. It sounds insane but I have grown attached, as I'm sure anyone else who has watched the show has become just as attached- so I can't be that crazy then. Can I?

Today was long. Very long. I went to the play and thanks to my daughter who did not sit next to me, I had a clingy child stuck to my arm the entire show. It was annoying and uncomfortable. The play was nice and was as entertaining as expected.

I am very tired so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I plan to scrap to my hearts content. We'll see tomorrow night if the heart was contended since I usually want to scrap but I dont' always get what I want. :)

Night all! Hopefully I will have some new pics to post tomorrow!

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